Connect to your customers with CRM

Today’s customers have high expectations. Customer satisfaction has become a key differentiator, and this means that businesses have to put customers at the center of every single activity. Doing so means connecting, streamlining and simplifying every interaction with sales, marketing and customer service to offer exceptional experiences – at the right moment via the right channel..

Customer relationship management

Improved communication through preferred channels


Easily collaborate online and on any device


Improve productivity based on AI-driven insights

Build a 360-degree overview of every customer

  • Understand your customers
    Benefit from in-depth insights into the needs and preferences of your customers – for a perfectly tailored approach.
  • Anticipate what comes next
    Predict next best actions using customer metrics, identify the most profitable customers and approaches, optimize your processes and scale up your sales.
  • Omnichannel communication
    Offer customers exactly what they want – when they want it, online, offline and via the device of their choice.
  • Boost collaboration and productivity
    Make well-informed choices, carefully crafted campaigns and fully transparent customer dialogues with a mobile-friendly digital workplace.

Connect your sales, service and marketing processes from end to end

  • Customer data platform

    Bring all your customer data sources together and log every customer-related action in one easy-to-access, mobile-friendly repository, for a 360-degree overview of every client across sales, marketing and service.

  • Customer self-service portal

    Rapidly provide customers with the answers and information they seek with an intuitive product, services and knowledge environment augmented by intelligent chatbots.

  • Digital selling

    Free-up time of your sales to engage more in human-to-human interactions and build lasting relationships with customers by generating the right offers, personalized experiences and within very short timeframes. Boost productivity and grasp every single opportunity with tools like conversation intelligence that automatically detects TODOs in phone call transcripts.

  • Omnichannel service

    From phone call, to e-mail, to chatbot, to video call, to mobile messaging, to conference call: let the customer decide exactly how they want to interact with your business and seamlessly shift between modes. Free your service team from low-value repetitive tasks so they can focus fully on human-to-human interactions.

  • Intelligent Marketing Automation

    Target your potential customers with the right personalized content at the right time through your customers’ channel of preference. Define automated customer journeys that are invoked automatically based on customer behaviour e.g. clicks or downloads on your website. Organize online marketing events and post about it on social media.

  • Automated field service

    Manage resources and assets, and automatically deploy technicians and resources for on site interventions and even proactively detect – and resolve – potential issues before the customer ever gets in touch using embedded IoT signaling and alerts.

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Rob Hufschmitt

CRM solution manager

How to select the right CRM system?

Avoid high costs later by choosing the CRM solution that fits your business today – and prepares it for tomorrow. It’s important to carefully consider where you are and where you want to be, as well as your goals and requirements, before making a choice.

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