Microsoft Release Wave 1 in 2024: what's new for Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service?


We have created a summary of the best updates in Microsoft Release Wave 1 for Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service (April - September 2024). From the latest Copilot updates to enhanced email experiences, read all about them in this article.

Data, communication and email updates

Your customer’s data is their most important asset, and securing this information is vital to build trust and long lasting relationships. But with everything involved, data security is also getting more challenging. With the update in this Release Wave, it will be possible to mask sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access in the Service Admin Center. There will be options to mask credit card, email and SSN information, in order for your company to better protect your customers’ information. 



Then, off to communication! A small but very nice update to start with: it will be possible to create cases from received voicemails. You can convert voicemails into cases, avoiding the complexity that voice messages bring to your customer service department.  


When it comes to email communication we have two updates:

  • Possibility to create multiple cases from email sent to multiple email boxes: creating corresponding cases for all mailboxes to which an email is sent helps agents to have full visibility on the issues that customers are facing. This way unnecessary case transfers and response delays are reduced. This feature improves overall efficiency, minimises case handling time and prevents breaches of service level agreements. 
  • Enhanced attachment experience while composing email: this enhancement makes it possible to efficiently drag and drop attachments in emails. You can easily copy attachments between emails, which is a great way to save time and work more efficiently. 

Image showing the new attachment experience.

Copilot updates in the Release Wave

There are also several Copilot updates, which make your workday even better:

  • Get automatic prompts from Copilot: by using automatic prompts you can easily ask your questions and seek help. For example: when a customer faces an issue, you can ask Copilot to solve this issue. Copilot will then search knowledge articles within Dynamics 365 Customer Service for answers, or look at the solution in similar cases. 

The system supports you with contextual suggestions on what you can do next. This results in reduced handle times and it contributes to internal satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

  • Copilot case and conversation summary default on: turning on Copilot by default will help customer service staff to streamline the onboarding, transfers, and completion processes for cases and conversations, leading to quicker resolution times.

  • Get relevant results with filters for Copilot: with advanced filtering features, Copilot can provide you with the best and most relevant results. This allows more efficient support and ensures customer satisfaction


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