4 reasons why Fearless Leader keeps your people on track and motivated


Setting objectives and targets doesn’t take too much effort. The major returns lie in keeping your people motivated and monitoring them closely. And with Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG application from Cegeka, that’s no trouble at all. The app keeps its finger on the pulse on a daily basis and ensures that everyone is sticking to the path that you have outlined.


A target is only worthwhile if efforts are made to meet it. And there are all sorts of targets. So, let’s look at a few areas where Fearless Leader stands out.


Targets can be easily and precisely customised

Almost everything can serve as a parameter for setting targets – quantities, amounts, status of store point, time periods… This allows you to create extremely precise targets for individual field workers but also for a whole team or an even broader audience. Each target thus becomes an easily adaptable template for the next one. A target can be one-off or generic and can be automatically created at fixed times.


Targets linked to a promotion and shared out equally

Targets can also be linked to a sales promotion. Fearless Leader is so sophisticated that it can share out targets equally among field workers on the basis of the relevant criteria, e.g. the number of stores that they cover.


Fearless Leader offers praise instead of reprimands

The progress of field workers is measured on a daily basis. Fearless Leader works with linear targets; these are better than monthly or weekly targets, which are more long-term, and can offer encouragement earlier. With daily, linear targets, you can immediately see who is on track. The margin for staying on track, compared to the targets, can also be adjusted easily.


Setting warnings

Warnings can be set for collective or individual targets. There is a great deal of flexibility in this context. For long-term, ongoing promotions, alarms may be set for one month before the end; this can be set to just a few days for short-term promotions. The nature of the notification can also be personalised: it could blink orange or red at a certain level, for example.

Sounds convincing? The ultimate intelligence lies in the targeted and customised formulation of realistic targets by management. This is no easy task but with Fearless Leader you have all the instruments you need to achieve concrete results. That’s why the app is called Fearless Leader; it puts you on the path to profits, also in relation to other challenges in Customer Relation Management.



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