Champagne Laurent Perrier kits out representatives with Cegeka Fearless Leader


It’s a new milestone for Fearless Leader, the specialised app from Cegeka for mobile CRM. Laurent-Perrier, one of the most famous champagne brands in the world, is to issue its field workers with Fearless Leader. The app is already used enthusiastically at home and abroad for field sales and field service management in the fast-moving consumer goods sector.


So, this is the ideal moment to ask Tom Moortgat, Business Development Manager of Cegeka, a few questions and find out how things are going.

How did Laurent-Perrier end up knocking on your door?

Tom Moortgat: “Cegeka’s Fearless Leader is used in many countries and, for the past two years, we have been working for several French companies, including a few multinationals such as AdVini. Laurent-Perrier is also a global brand with a presence on every continent and, of course, in Belgium as well. So we were always going to bump into each other at some point.”


What does the arrival of Laurent-Perrier mean in terms of Cegeka's operations?

“I don’t want to make predictions in relation to the impact on our figures. It is certainly true, however, that Laurent-Perrier will open doors to a new market segment where we do not yet have a presence, i.e. the high-end, luxury segment. Cegeka Fearless Leader is currently being used by Duvel Moortgat and the brewery Het Anker, known for Gouden Carolus – as well as in the soft drinks and wine sectors.”


Does this mean adjustments will be required for Fearless Leader?

“Our app is easy to customise to a certain business or a particular sector. The work carried out by people in the field who are active in Customer Relations Management is very similar across the board. I see it as a win-win situation. In terms of the continuous improvement of Cegeka’s Fearless Leader, we work closely with all our customers. I am sure that we will provide excellent services to Laurent-Perrier and, in turn, gain new insights for Cegeka Fearless Leader with regard to the luxury segment.”


Have any new names been added to the customer base recently?

“Laurent-Perrier is a fantastic addition. But don’t forget that, since last year, we have also been working for Dutch sweet producer Perfetti Van Melle, whose brands include Mentos and Fruittella, for Innocent Drinks from the Coca Cola group, and this year for Spadel, which includes Spa and Bru among its products. Cegeka Fearless Leader is not just an overnight success. Its success has been preceded by many years of hard work and development. Recent, significant steps include our presence in Microsoft’s App Store and the Innovation Award from that we received.”



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