Buyse Metal Works Group takes efficiency to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Coen BuyseCEO, Buyse Metal Works Group



  • Keeping track of semi-finished products
  • Having the right know-how for production software
  • Organizing the schedules of their production team


  • A clear logistics overview
  • Quick data entry
  • A well-structured scheduling system
"We needed the right people with expertise in finance, logistics and production. Cegeka’s experience was crucial in managing our new system."

How do you keep track of hundreds of semi-finished and finished products? It’s a question that has occupied the minds at Buyse Metal Works Group. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, they get to keep an eye on various logistics details, while also maintaining an organized calendar. But to implement their new system, they needed a partner with experience. Coen Buyse, CEO of Buyse Metal Works Group: “Cegeka’s knowledge of the manufacturing industry was essential in implementing our new ERP.”

Who's who: Buyse Metal Works Group

Coen: “With over 120 employees, branches in Aalter and Lier and customers all over the world, Buyse Metal Works Group is a global supplier in the metalworking sector. The group specializes in the cost-effective and qualitative production of CNC turning, milling and grinding for manufacturers. Accurate parts are produced on the basis of the customer’s technical information. We also keep these articles in stock and deliver them J.I.T. to the end client if requested. We take great pride in our early supply involvement and professional advice on efficient production.”


“To improve our services, we needed to upgrade our ERP. And since our previous ERP package, Microsoft Dynamics AX, was no longer supported, it was the perfect time for an upgrade. And it made sense to upgrade to its modern successor, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, to make the transition as smooth as possible.


To unburden our own IT division, we needed an experienced IT partner to implement and maintain the ERP system in the long term. Why we ended up choosing Cegeka? Because they had the right know-how, provided a strong and detailed roadmap and they were a big, well-established partner that could support us throughout the entire project.”

Structured scheduling and big data

Buyse Metal Works Group question for Cegeka was twofold. Coen: “On the one hand, we required a production-focused solution with a well-organized scheduling system. Not only does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations satisfy this need, it also covers logistics in a structured way. It keeps track of different semi-finished products in our inventory, and monitors their export and shipping status. We know the location of each article at all times.


“On the other hand, we wanted a system to automatically process the multitude of products, big data, order lines and forecast lines. Cegeka’s experience in the manufacturing industry was crucial in implementing and managing the new program.”

"Cegeka's experience in the manufacturing industry was crucial."

- Coen Buyse, CEO Buyse Metal Works Group

The right partner at the right time

For Buyse Metal Works Group, it was essential to select their own personalized team of consultants at Cegeka. Coen Buyse: “We needed the right people with experience in finance, logistics and production. Adding to that, we required experts with knowledge of the metalworking sector.” After they chose their team, it was time to get to work!


To tackle the challenge, Cegeka’s team developed a well-structured roadmap. It covered Buyse Metal Works Group’s current needs, the plan of action and the necessary expansions. The proposition also took into account the different functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. Since customized solutions are labor-intensive and can be expensive, they had to be kept to a minimum. Coen Buyse: “That’s why we opted for the out-of-the-box cloud version, with a small customization to gain an edge – this way, the entire ERP can be easily updated.”


The result? A few logistics adaptations and a steady partner during a tumultuous 12-month period. Coen Buyse: “In the middle of the COVID pandemic and handling many new customers, the monthly steering committees came at the right time. Even when our own employees were unable to make time to, for example, train new staff members, they could count on the support of Cegeka in this busy period.”


The long road was worth it: Cegeka developed an overarching framework for Buyse Metalworks Group’s wide range of products and the multitude of item numbers that need to be processed. To that end, Cegeka built Buyse Metal Works Group a custom app in Power Apps for product creation. Data entry is now reduced to just 3 screens, from which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations automatically constructs the correct parameters and routes. What used to take over 30 minutes to complete, can now be done in 5!


Practice makes perfect

Going live is one thing, optimizing our operations is another,” says Coen Buyse, “During the past year, our employees got to know the ins and outs of these new modules. However, it’s important they gain insight into the entire progress and the impact of adapting parameters from the beginning to the end of the flow.”


He continues: “This coming year, our biggest challenge will be getting to know the new functions. Microsoft provides mandatory updates every 2 to 3 months as well as 2 big functional updates each year. Since outdated versions can’t be used, you have to stay up to date with the latest services. Cegeka will also help us on that front: they’ll provide additional 'D365 update services' to accompany the evaluation and implementation of our new functionalities. That way, our team and our software can grow together.”


When asked about the most valuable contribution by Cegeka, Coen doesn’t have to think long: “Definitely the roadmap. You live up to the go-live right from the beginning. Before you even launch the program, you have covered a whole process. We checked its trustworthiness, arranged adequate training for our employees and tested the program sufficiently. Cegeka provided us with a substantial overview of the different tasks. If there was an obstacle, the consultants provided us with a plan B – or even a plan C. The weekly and monthly reports were truly an added value. They guided us the entire way.”

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