Carglass: Sustainable growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365



  • Centralization of finance and procurement, purchase, stock, planning and sales
  • Alignment of logistics processes, new European Distribution Centre, more than 250 logistics employees
  • Services in Belgium/Luxembourg via 44 service centers and more than 70 mobile teams, 600 service employees
  • Uniform Master Data Management


  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced view on stock movements and rates
  • One integrated central platform for all companies and units while maintaining process flexibility
  • Uniform data and reporting

For more than 30 years, Carglass, part of the Belron group, has been the reference in the field of repair and replacement of car windows. For this, their customers can contact more than 60 local service centers. In addition, Belgium also houses the European distribution center that functions as a logistics center for the European branches. In order to be able to grow further, take internal logistics to a higher level and enhance customer service, Carglass opted for the centralized Dynamics 365 platform.



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