Hoorcentrum Aerts: even more attention to the customer, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rudi GijbelsFinance Manager, Hoorcentrum Aerts


About Hoorcentrum Aerts

  • Expert in hearing solutions (hearing aids and ear protection)
  • Established by Tom Aerts in 2003

  • Operating in 42 locations across Belgium

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Solution & technology


  • Need for a modern cloud based ERP solution
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Being able to be futureproof for any innovation projects


  • Accelerated digitization
  • Improved customer experience
  • Higher working efficiency

Hoorcentrum Aerts is driven by a crystal-clear mission: to become the top-quality player in the audiologic sector. Founder Tom Aerts has a compelling reason for this goal. Witnessing the significant impact of hearing issues on his family members as a child, he pursued studies in audiology and established his first hearing center in 2003. Their trademark? Tailored solutions, expert knowledge, and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction.

Full speed ahead

This approach has proven to be a winning formula. Currently, Hoorcentrum Aerts boasts 42 branches spread throughout Flanders. The goal is to reach 50 by the end of 2024, with a long-term vision of achieving 100. Meanwhile, Tom and his team are already dreaming of expanding internationally.


In order to sustain successful growth, top-notch employees, processes, and technology are essential in every Hoorcentrum Aerts branch. The company consistently prioritizes technology, equipping audiologists with the best measurement equipment available. They manage appointments, customer data, and sales using the cutting-edge AMPAREX software for audiologists.

Growth demands integration.

"After our initial growth surge, we realized that the existing tools were no longer sufficient. In fact, there was a lack of integration," explained Rudi Gijbels, the Finance Manager. "This resulted in limitations within our processes. Conducting margin analyses, for instance, proved to be challenging, despite being essential for a growing business. Logistics, services, and marketing could all benefit from greater efficiency and improvement. Additionally, enhanced reporting was crucial to support our decision-making processes."

“Logistics, services and marketing could be made more efficient and better. And we definitely needed more reporting to support our decisions.”


Upon hearing positive stories about Dynamics 365 Business Central at a networking event, CEO Tom Aerts was immediately intrigued. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive ERP package at Hoorcentrum Aerts that seamlessly integrates with the AMPAREX system in their stores, he also added a Microsoft CRM solution to the wishlist – of course, all to be seamlessly integrated.

Targeted customer contacts - for happy customers and improved sales figures

The CRM system was the first to be implemented: "At Hoorcentrum Aerts, the customer always comes first. We aim to build a strong relationship with our customers without overwhelming them with excessive or unfocused communication. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing comes in to assist us."


By gathering customer and sales data from AMPAREX, the CRM tool provides a 360° view of the customers. This enables the marketing team at Hoorcentrum Aerts to understand their customers' interests and preferred communication methods. The outcome: valuable, personalized communication at every stage of the customer journey.

Consolidating all data - maximizing efficiency

After successfully launching the CRM system, Cegeka introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline operations at Hoorcentrum Aerts. Now, all financial and logistical data from every store and the headquarters are managed in one centralized location.


For Anouk Van Aerde, an audiologist at the Antwerp branch, the ERP package represents a significant advancement: "The tool is incredibly user-friendly. With just a click, I can see which hearing aids are in stock in the warehouse and place orders. This level of flexibility was previously unheard of." Additionally, logistical processes are running much smoother.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consolidates orders by branch, allowing for bulk picking and shipping. This not only saves warehouse staff valuable time but also reduces the number of trips for the transporter.

Invoicing: staying ahead of the game

Anouk also benefits from the Microsoft platform, as it provides her with a clear overview of the outstanding payments on her computer in the store. At the headquarters, Rudi and his colleagues can verify sales details from AMPAREX in real time, quickly identifying and following up on any outstanding payments.


Rudi explains, "The monthly closing process is now much quicker. Previously done in Excel, which was cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone, we can now wrap everything up accurately within a week."


Looking ahead, Hoorcentrum Aerts plans to implement Power BI to closely monitor margins. This move will not only save the team time but also provide insights that will benefit cash flow, margins, and overall growth.

“With one click of a button I can see which hearing aids are in stock in the warehouse and I can order them.”


"The project at Hoorcentrum Aerts encompassed three key aspects: CRM, ERP, and the integration of both systems with AMPAREX. It was a challenging and ambitious undertaking," shared Lieven Tuytschaever, Managed Services lead. "To navigate this complexity, we appointed a dedicated project coordinator who was informed at every step. This approach proved to be a significant asset."

Strategy + determination = achievement

Cegeka kicked off the project with a series of workshops where Hoorcentrum Aerts, alongside the experts, identified the needs. This close collaboration was maintained throughout the configuration, implementation, and integration process.


"At Cegeka, we follow a strict implementation methodology that ensures a smooth go-live," Lieven continued. "This was crucial as Hoorcentrum Aerts wanted the platform up and running for the opening of several new stores. We met the tight deadline, thanks in part to the strong commitment and motivation of Hoorcentrum Aerts."

Live in 4 months

"Cegeka listened and understood our needs like no other right from the first contact. They navigated the entire process with expertise," Rudi adds. "Of course, we encountered some obstacles along the way. We required a significant amount of data from various sources, and integrating with AMPAREX was a unique challenge for Cegeka. Whenever a problem arose, we collaborated to find a solution. When you align with your implementation partner and foster a collaborative spirit, you achieve impressive outcomes."

In just 4 months, the new system was live, on schedule, and within budget. Rudi is thrilled: "I've been involved in many IT implementations in the past, but this was truly the best process." Rudi's colleagues share his satisfaction. "Adapting to a new system always takes time. Initially, there were doubts about the CRM package. However, once everyone experienced how user-friendly the platform is and how it simplifies their work, they were quickly won over."


To maintain this level of satisfaction, Cegeka continues to monitor Hoorcentrum Aerts closely, including through Application Managed Services. This ongoing support ensures that we assist the hearing specialist in remaining the leading player in the audiological sector.

“I have been involved in many IT implementations in the past, but this was definitely the best process.”


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