KMDA manages its customers efficiently thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ilse Van SanSales Manager B2B, KMDA



  • Better mapping of customers and their requirements
  • Improved quotation follow-up
  • Complete overview of a customer in a single screen
  • Various custom reports for follow-up of sales opportunities


  • Application development
  • CRM
Cegeka implemented the CRM very quickly. We did not run into any surprises and stayed well within budget. This application makes me happy.

The KMDA, which includes the Antwerp ZOO, Planckendael, the Serpentariumand the Koningin Elisabethzaal venue, has optimized its internal processes in the last three years. “The ZOO is an established name in the collective memory of our country, but we are operating in a very competitive market and we have to work hard to attract visitors to our zoo”, Ilse Van San, Sales Manager B2B at KMDA, says.

Working hard for customers

“People used to visit us on their own initiative, but today we have to market our products proactively, just as any other commercial company. For that purpose, we have to be able to map our customers. When I started my job here, there was no large customer database, let alone any active prospection”, Ilse Van San, sales Manager B2B at KMDA, says.

“We have a wide variety of products. It was becoming more difficult to track which products a customer was buying. There was no complete overview: when to contact whom, what is the customer’s history, who will be contacted by which account manager? When someone called, we quickly had to open several Excel files.”


Immediately won over

“That is why we decided to contact Cegeka, as they had already supported our Intranet project. They suggested Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, and I was immediately won over: the basic features covered ninety percent of my requirements. Dynamics CRM is a user-friendly suite and is similar to the tools we are using every day.”

“It has many standard features, such as list exports, but Cegeka also developed a few custom reports. The “Customer history” shows everything you need in a single page: all products a customer buys from us, including quantity and turnover, the amounts invoiced and the pipeline.”

Better relationship management

Thanks to the decrease in administrative workload, the users have been able to reduce processing times by 50 percent. They can spend this time on better relationship management. In addition, they have more control over the tasks to be completed. A workflow assigns all of these tasks to a single coordinator. In addition, they have a better overview of their customers.

Currently, KMDA can use the basic dashboards to keep track of business and anticipate new business: for each customer portfolio, they receive a monthly overview specifying the pipeline for each product.“I believe that we will enjoy CRM even more when we will have used it for a longer timeand have a longer history”, Ilse Van San concludes.

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