NIS2 - and how to implement it in your business roadmap part 1


NIS2 - A pragmatic approach for Pharma

In this 30-minute webinar, you will discover how to address NIS2 security compliance in the Pharma Industry, resulting in increased cyber resilience. Register now!

Technology is accelerating, IT and cyber security are converging, and organizations are becoming hyper-connected. This presents many opportunities for growth, but also introduces new and rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats, especially in the pharma industry. 

To ensure cyber resilience of EU organizations and as a result the cyber resilience of their IT and OT systems, the EU has introduced the NIS2 (Network and Information Security 2) directive. More than simply a list of obligations for “essential and important entities,” NIS2 can be a real enabler for accelerating your cyber resilience.

This subject will be discussed by Steven Godfroid, NIS2 certified, Senior Cyber Security Advisor in a two-part webinar series of 30 minutes. The first session includes:

Part 1:   NIS2 the overview

  • What is NIS2?
  • What is the impact for you as a pharma company,
  • How can you adopt NIS2 security compliance to enhance your cyber resilience and build trust with customers.

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Ready for more?

Want to know more about NIS2? Then get inspired by the second session of this two-part webinar series. This session will be hosted on June 25th and includes:

Part 2: NIS2 and how to implement it in your business roadmap

  • How you can turn your NIS2 security challenges into a roadmap to be ready for the future by implementing foundational measures.
  • How to set up a continuous program which will address your NIS2 security challenges.
  • How having an optimal security posture prevents you from becoming the easiest target.
NISC2 - and how to implement it in your business roadmap part 2