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MyPlan is the solution from Cegeka for Production Planning, Scheduling and Optimization that makes deliveries to customers more reliable, increases production efficiency and controls stock levels. Developed to perfectly integrate with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP suite, myPlan provides companies with a set of advanced features that drastically improve planning and production management capabilities.

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Discover how you can make the whole planning process more flexible and efficient. Watch the video and have a glimpse at what myPlan can do for your company.

Be ready for the Cloud & Algorithm era with myPlan

Companies that use innovative and powerful ERP systems find it crucial to take advantage of simulation and optimization capabilities. It allows them to facilitate the decision-making process aimed at reducing operating costs and increasing responsiveness to the market. Thanks to the development of brand new features, company personnel will be able to work in a much more efficient way and considerably save time:

  • Perform instant planning of sales, production and procurement
  • Simulate the impact of a change in production on deliveries and costs,
  • Analyze and decide on an aggregated or detailed level of single product and product family
  • Save time when performing the production planning and scheduling activities tasks

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Be ready for the Cloud & Algorithm Era, reduce costs and react faster to market demands.

Planning and simulation features

  • Fast MRP - DRP

    ERP systems can take several hours to run the MRP process. MyPlan reduces this  to a matter of seconds, including the regenerations of dynamics pegging connections among each event like forecasts, customers’ orders, production and purchasing orders. This leads to an immediate detection of any critical aspects and allows immediate cause-effect analysis of problems affecting delivery and productions plans. Advantages include: faster response to customers' requirements, better prevention of problems and corrective actions.

  • FAST Capacity Requirement Planning

    Thanks to Fast CRP (Capacity Requirement Planning) you can instantly calculate the workloads and the capacity of the resources. This allows to pinpoint critical aspects regarding overutilization and underutilization along the planning horizon. Some interactive functions guide the planner in the task of matching loads with capacity, in order to achieve a feasible production plan in terms of resources and materials. This helps preventing bottlenecks and ensures a better balance between capacity and workloads. 

  • Master Production Schedule

    The MPS (Master Production Schedule) enables the definition of groups or item quantities in each time bucket, taking into account production capacity and material availability. Some leveling techniques and optimal safety stocks dimensioning help you define a production plan which better balances service and efficiency requirements, reducing time and effort to define an MPS that achieves service and stock levels objectives.
  • Sales and Operations Planning

    These functions cover the Sales and Operation Process which sit at the very top of the whole planning process, and engage all the company directors. Starting from Actuals and Budget, and developing the new monthly Forecast, the system finds the best productions plans per family, constrained to the capacities of production, logistics and procurement resources and the type of productions of each family (MTS, ATO, MTO).        

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