Discover the key to crafting personalized customer journeys: AI-driven insights

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Fact: it costs your business more money when a customer churns than it takes to attract a new customer. Thus, it makes sense to invest in attracting and transforming customers into ambassadors for your brand. 

In the digital age, customers demand novel experiences in which they feel personally approached by your company. They want to believe that you are willing to invest in them on an individual level. 

The key to achieving truly personalized customer journeys? Apply AI to your customer behavioral data and then funnel the resulting insights back into your sales and marketing processes in a digital feedback loop. 

In this 40-minute presentation, Cegeka AI expert Kristel Demotte dives into the mechanics behind this digital feedback loop, supplementing her insights with the case of Sonova, a Cegeka customer. In the second half of the keynote, you wil learn more about consumer behavior and customer journey personalization. Not to miss!