Become a Connected Company
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Connected companies are always up to any challenge – harnessing the power of data to optimize operations, engage with customers and empower employees. But how and where to start this journey? Here at Cegeka we’re keen to share our knowledge, let you in on best (and worst) practices, and showcase some amazing yet quite feasible innovations. Join us in our mission to propel businesses into tomorrow!

Use case: Optimize your daily route and planning with Fearless Leader

Sales representatives spend a significant amount of time on the road. By taking the shortest route,...
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Use case: How to run on-site store checks offline on any device with Fearless Leader

Sales representatives are constantly on the road, visiting customers and doing store checks. This...
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Improved product visibility with 'Product Performance' from Fearless Leader

You can make sales analytics – especially from store checks – more powerful thanks to the Product...
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Fearless Leader helps brewers in the constant 'War for Attention'

Name familiarity and a great deal of exposure ensure greater consumption, turnover, growth, etc....
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Give marketing activities maximum impact with 'Product Mix' from Fearless Leader

Create maximum results from marketing activities by updating your field workers about ongoing...
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Fearless Leader succeeds on international stage

Does a store check in Chelsea differ from a store check in Nanterre? Will the share of shelf be...
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Vache Bleue and United Soft Drinks have been growing for 10 years with Fearless Leader

These new features are being warmly welcomed by large, international users. Companies such as Duvel...
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4 reasons why Fearless Leader keeps your people on track and motivated

Setting objectives and targets doesn’t take too much effort. The major returns lie in keeping your...
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Champagne Laurent Perrier kits out representatives with Cegeka Fearless Leader

It’s a new milestone for Fearless Leader, the specialised app from Cegeka for mobile CRM....
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