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Asset & Portfolio Management

A complex digital solution interconnect all counterparties and stakeholders. Including clients and portfolio managers, brokers, accountants, risk managers, private bankers, fund administators. Less paperwork, more care. Less Excels, more automation.

Cegeka Asset Management Customers

Managers of 3th party portfolios

  • Banks
  • Open/Close investment companies/funds

Managers of own portfolio

  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds


Transparent and flexible solution

If you want to do administation of portfolios, know realtime valution as well as prediction, manage investment limits, buy and sell assets and have comprehensive reports for clients, management, regulators and tax authorities on one click, all you need is Jupiter Pro by Cegeka.

Key features of digital solution by Cegeka

Management of entities

  • Assets and derivatives
  • Portfolios
  • Entities (clients, brokers, banks, issuers, etc.)

Trading and valuation

  • Manage your trades
    • Receive or send orders
    • Impact into valuation
    • Impact into accounting software
    • Impact into reporting
  • Valutation
    • Detailed information about content of your portfolios
    • Valuation of portfolios
    • Acruated interest
    • Gains & Loses
    • Amortization
    • Overvaluation

Risk management

With repect to your portfolios Jupiter could:

  • Calculate VAR
  • Stress testing of your portfolios
  • Propose hedging trades
  • Portfolio performance modeling
  • Regulative limits management


  • Quick managers tables and overviews
    • Performance
    • Management fees
    • Trades
    • Realized/unrealized gain/loss
    • Cash flow and liquidity management
  • Sofisticated PDF reports with special graphic layout
    • Client reports of their profit/loss
    • Cashflow reports
    • Reports for tax return
    • Commercial leaflets
  • Exports for your accounting software

Seamless integration

  • Processes automatization
  •  Support your accounting software
  • Compatible with your CRM
  • Compatible with your internet banking app
  • Lot of automatic imports
    • We are able to import everhing you need via web services, REST, files, etc
  • Usually we import:
    • Interest Rates
    • Ex rates
    • Accounting values
    • Classification assets informations
    • Trades

Happy Customers

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