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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

What if there was a compact and efficient ‘cloudlike’ solution for your on-premises infrastructure? A system that allowed you to perfectly manage the hopeless fragmentation of infrastructure, understaffed IT teams, multiple digital channels, and short time-to-market?

Cegeka delivers ‘cloudlike’ solutions or hyperconverged infrastructure. You can use these to manage any possible local IT issues you may have in an efficient and user-friendly way.

What is hyperconverged infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure or HCI results in a major simplification of your IT infrastructure. It combines data storage, computing and networking in a single virtual system, to simplify data management and drastically increase scalability. HCI is an all-in-one technology that allows you to ensure continuity, disaster recovery, cloud computing, caching and data speed through a single management shell. The result is a single system that is straightforward and easy-to-use.


Upgrade your on-premises IT infrastructure

Business-critical and sensitive data or tasks are often hosted on on-premise infrastructure. Organizations are thus often faced with their own complex data centres.

Hyperconverged infrastructure offers a solution. In addition to greater security and speed, HCIs can make many other improvements in terms of efficiency, integrated management, security and performance. The best part? All this can be offered at a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the complexity of traditional solutions.

The Advantages of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Reduce costs by simplifying your local data centre structure

Small Data Centre Footprint

Thanks to the all-in-one technology of HCI, the space needed to store your local data centre reduces greatly.

Rapid Deployment of your Applications

Accelerate the performance of applications and be more responsive to rapidly changing business needs. 

Single Management Pane

Manage your data on a unified display, allowing you to maintain a clear overview.

Edge Computing

Faster Internet of Things projects

Do you need real time data for your Internet of Things (IoT) projects?

With an HCI, you can use edge computing – process data generated by IoT devices faster on site, rather than sending it to data centres or clouds via detours.

Software-defined data centre

Virtualize your infrastructure and ensure that it’s delivered 'as a service'.

An HCI creates a virtual data centre. Everything in the system – computing, storage and network – is 'abstracted' and presented as a software service that allows users to work with the data.


Proven technology

Cegeka has set up strategic partnerships with various first-class suppliers. 

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Why choose Cegeka?

In close cooperation

We ensure close guidance during the entire process: from defining the scope to offering customer support.

End-to-end offering

Cegeka manages and optimizes both your applications and infrastructure projects in an integrated way.

Track record

Extensive experience in building and managing hyperconverged infrastructure.

Data centre experts

More than 25 years of experience in managing business-critical applications.

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