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Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates structured and repetitive tasks by means of software bots. RPA enables your employees to focus more on their core value adding activities and really make a difference.

The benefits of RPA


  • Bots run 24/7 and can work about four times faster than employees.

  • RPA eliminates lengthy IT integrations or development projects.


  • Bots exclude human errors. Quality is guaranteed and revision work is avoided.

  • Bots carry out each process according to the specific compliance rules of your company.



  • Bots cost much less than a full time employee.

  • RPA projects are low investment, but have a fast and positive ROI.

A tailor-made approach


RPA as a Project

During an RPA as a Project we identify together with you which specific business processes you can automate. We both develop and implement the desired RPA solution, while you retain full control over your processes. Afterwards we continue to offer the necessary support.


RPA as a Service

In addition to traditional in-house projects, Cegeka offers RPA as a Service. You don't have to invest in hardware or software, but you can benefit from the bots that are developed and hosted by Cegeka. The governance, infrastructure, maintenance and updates are our responsibility. A complete unburdening.

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Why Cegeka?

Pragmatic Approach

Cegeka looks beyond the hype and helps you to find the right technology and added value to achieve your predetermined goals.

End-to-end Partner

Cegeka offers an all-in-one package from consulting to governance, development and hosting or security and maintenance.

In close cooperation

Cegeka ensures close guidance during the entire RPA process: from defining the scope to offering customer support.

Intelligent Automation

By linking RPA with AI, you take the first step towards intelligent automation. As an innovative player, Cegeka is the perfect partner to help you.

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Four challenges where RPA can help

There are many challenges in the business world. We will discuss four examples where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can at least be part of the solution: war for talent, compliance, legacy and agility.

RPA: faster, cheaper and more efficient

RPA bots automate simple and structured tasks. Result? Your employees are happier and have more time to make a difference, while RPA bots perform the routine tasks faster, more efficiently and cheaper.

What is RPA?

RPA is a technology for automating business processes by means of virtual software robots. These (sub)processes require manual intervention and steal unnecessary amounts of our time.


Partnership: UiPath

UiPath is regarded worldwide as one of the leaders in RPA software. The UiPath toolkit allows us to develop the best possible RPA solution for you.

Use Case for HR

Automated process: Time Registration

Both the conversion of the submitted working hours into the time registration system and the input of that data into the HR tool will from now on be performed by an RPA bot. Because a large part of the highly error-prone process has been automated, the data quality has increased considerably.

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