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Capacity by Cegeka

Smart parking and EV platform for complex business environments

With the flexible use of office space, new customer demands and emerging mobility trends: how will you futureproof your parking? The Capacity platform simplifies parking management thanks to intelligent software that will maximize revenue streams and lower operational costs.

Maximize revenue streams and lower operational costs with simplified parking management

Generate extra sources of revenue and maximize ROI

Long term agreements are out. Flex is in. Make the best possible use of your parking space and monetize it in multiple ways: reallocate capacity among your tenants, allow pay per use, provide new integrated payment options and open up underutilized space to all types of users.

Autonomously manage parking space with ease

Provide your parking operators and tenants with a user-friendly, self-operating, smart parking and EV charging platform that takes over part of their daily tasks – and is, by the way, darn easy to setup and configure.

Ensure a seamless, digital parking experience

Take the friction out of parking. Provide tenants and visitors with a user-friendly, mobile-ready system that enables easy parking access (automatic plate recognition) and EV charging with contactless digital payments, working seamlessly with other platforms.

Parking and EV charging become one

Make sure that smart parking and EV charging work effortlessly together from start to finish, managing all operations and invoicing in just one platform –providing one, single customer experience.

Capacity: main features

Capacity - Smart parking and EV platform

Smart parking allocation

Allocates parking space automatically based on the type of driver, intelligently recognizing and assigning parking spots based on smart access rules and hierarchy.

Dynamic Capacity

Allows tenants to flexibly extend or reduce their rental agreements on a pay-per-use basis, optimizing the use of space and creating new sources of revenue.

Complete EV charging integration

Ensures frictionless management of EV charging. From reserving an EV spot, getting charging notifications or doing payments and invoicing: everything is managed in one place.

Intelligent digital access controls

Manages parking access without any intervention via AI-driven ANPR technology and the MyCapacity App. This means additional hardware is not required, decreasing CAPEX and OPEX.

Hardware agnostic and easy to integrate

The platform is open and ready to integrate with any existing hardware (barriers, cameras, etc.) and 3rd-party system (parking resellers, EV charging, smart building platforms and more). This is how you can prevent vendor lock-in.

Real-time management and insights

Allows users of the platform to automatically manage rental agreements, capacity, access and prices in real time and includes dashboards showing overviews of occupancy, revenue and trends.

MyCapacity App

Let’s tenants and drivers manage their own information, check parking occupancy, start EV charging sessions, make reservations, pay and enter or exit a parking lot with just one click or swipe.

Smart Parking Management - Watch Webinar

How to win by smart parking management in a post-COVID world

The future of parking looks very different from what we know today. The hybrid work model, the loss of on-street parking spots, the rise of e-vehicles, the growing need for digitization, ...

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges that you are facing and explain the opportunities they bring.

Watch webinar

How can your business benefit from Capacity by Cegeka?

Building owners

Building owners

Multiply your sources of revenue managing your parking space flexibly and accommodating new parking services such as EV charging and Subscriptions. All, while you ensure an exceptional user experience and make your operators’ lives much easier.

Make buildings more sustainable with a platform that is completely digital and vendor agnostic with easy integrations.

Building  operators

Building operators

Forget about manual processes, faltering hardware and complex software: let Capacity manage autonomously parking space, reservations, access management, blacklisting, EV charging, payments, registrations and more.

Lowering operational costs and increasing operational excellence as a result.

Real estate occupiers and tenants

Real estate occupiers/tenants

Tenants can manage their own driver pools, ensure they always have the parking spaces they need, allocate their rented spots flexibly, get access to services like EV charging and reservations and gain insights into their parking usage and trends.

Drivers and end users


Drivers enjoy an exceptional parking experience: reserve their spot or, get smooth access, update their driver details, charge their EV vehicle and pay cashless for all services – all in one app.

Trends and market challenges

Hybrid work calls for more flexibility

The shift to a hybrid world of work spurs a need for flexible use of office and parking spaces – and, consequently, solutions to flexibly manage parking capacity.

The need for EV charging solutions

As EV adoption rapidly increases, easy charging solutions are becoming a must in every parking lot.

All things are digital and automated

Consumers want seamless, mobile services. All devices are connected and software is AI-driven and intelligent.

From on-street to off-street parking spots

Cities demand a reduction on-street parking spots, creating the need for more – and more flexible – use of off-street parking spots.

Curious how Capacity can provide an answer to these challenges?
Contact us and learn how to unlock the true potential of your parking assets.

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Smart parking and EV platform

Forget traditional parking management systems. The Capacity platform makes parking management simple. Discover all benefits by watching the demo.

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