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Cloud Orchestration

Want to make better use of all the possibilities in the cloud, but don't know how? Need a ‘conductor’ who can make all the elements work together in a powerful symbiosis?

Cegeka is your guide to a multi-cloud future. We help you draw up a roadmap and strategy to integrate and optimize the cloud’s existing complexity. We put you on the right track.


Towards a Hybrid Cloud

Combine the advantages of public and private clouds

Are your applications running on different systems? On-premises, in the public or private cloud? How do you integrate these clouds? How do you manage them?

Many Clouds, One Solution

Cegeka manages public clouds, private clouds and on-premises systems together with solutions that cover the entire cloud landscape. This forms the basis for the integrated management of hybrid systems. With Cegeka, you can maximize the benefits of both public and private systems.

Cegeka's data centres:
Flexible architecture and services

Cegeka's own data centres are an important asset. We use them to offer private cloud services, and also to manage our premier partnerships with all major public cloud providers. Low-latency high-speed WAN connections between our data centres and public players form our link with the outside world.


Cloud Integrators & Brokers

The seamless link between private and public clouds creates a foundation for more flexible architecture and cloud integration services. Do you need very specific services? Cegeka can also act as an intermediary and offer specific services, wherever they are located in the cloud.

Bringing order to the cloud(s)

Is your existing cloud infrastructure messy, difficult to manage and a major cost? Are you not sure how to assess the abundance of cloud services and providers? Then you need a reliable expert like Cegeka – one that ensures that your infrastructure and people will work better.

Cloud Consultancy & Management

We manage every cloud situation, no matter the complexity, and ensure that your infrastructure is cost-efficient, high-performance, secure and compliant. As expert consultants, we advise you on what needs to be done and how. As cloud managers, we are your single point of contact, taking care of everything related to your IT equipment.

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Looking 'beyond' the Cloud

Broader vision based on technology

What's in store for you after the hybrid cloud? How do you prepare for trends that are only on the horizon now?

Cloud Innovators

Needless to say, we make sure the applications that are running on your infrastructure are optimized for the cloud. But Cegeka looks beyond the infrastructure. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t share our vision of the future with you.

Emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, VR/AR all go beyond traditional IT. Cegeka has the size and expertise to facilitate innovation and safely introduce new technologies. In a cloud environment, this often means that we bundle solutions and match business processes with the best and most reliable solution.

Cloud Service Portfolio

Cloud Readiness Assessment

The cloud readiness assessment enables organizations to make the best choice for migrating and running their applications in the Cloud. With the assessment, Cegeka guides you to define a strategical roadmap. This is essential to accomplish a successful Cloud adoption.

Fully Managed Hybrid Cloud

Our managed container platform allows you to modernize your application landscapes and integrate between on-premise legacy environments and workloads deployed in the public cloud. Cegeka's multi-cloud enabled customer portal allows the customers end-to-end visibility for all resources running in all supported clouds.

Supporting DevOps & Agility

Choosing the right flexible cloud solutions can support agile application development in a DevOps framework. We assist you in implementing managed container platforms in the hybrid cloud, helping you in transforming your application landscape to turn it more agile and more portable.

Your journey to the Cloud with Cegeka

The first objective is to create a list of business applications and systems with their business value, their state of cloud readiness and a set of cloud objectives for each application.


Next, we put the roadmap from phase 1 into practice. We tackle the quick wins on the short term and create a migration program and a supporting business case for the long term transformations.


While making sure that your IT landscape is functioning optimally, we ensure that it also remains cost-efficient, performant, secure and compliant.


Why choose Cegeka?

In close cooperation

We ensure close guidance during the entire process: from defining the scope to offering customer support.

End-to-end offering

Cegeka manages and optimizes both your applications and infrastructure projects in an integrated way. So we have a clear view on cloud needs and requirements.

Vendor Independent

Cegeka has many partners, allowing various possibilities when choosing the right partnerships based on the wishes of the customer.


We have more than 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure solutions. Cegeka has knowledge of all the ins and outs of the cloud.

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Dare to Outsource

CIOs are increasingly involved in innovation and strategic decision-making. The reason is simple: in these times of digital transformation, IT is what makes or breaks a company. The stakes are high and CIOs have to come up with solutions fast. You need a lighter load and more bandwidth to get things done right. Outsourcing could be just what you’re looking for.

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