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Data Intelligence

Strategic decision making is tough, no matter your company or industry. But if you put your business data to work for you, data science can clear your vision, identify obstacles and illuminate new opportunities for growth.

Big Data basics:

What you need to know


IT's massive

People, companies and machines produce large volumes of data at a constant rate. The architecture and approaches used to store and manage this huge quantity of information is an increasingly important element of business success.

Data speed

IT's fast

Data travels at close to the speed of light. Smarter, faster, cheaper and better architectures can give companies the ability to make decisions, communicate with stakeholders and anticipate trends faster than ever before.

Unstructured data

IT's unstructured

Roughly 85% of data owned by companies is unstructured, yet relevant for decision-making. With our big data platforms and data scientists, businesses can turn this data into actionable insight.

Correct data

IT needs quality

The correctness of data is crucial when making decisions based on reality rather than gut feeling. Machine learning and data enrichment mechanisms increase your data quality.

Turn data into business insight

E-book Data Intelligence

In this free resource, Cegeka experts explore various aspects of and trends in Big Data – shedding light on important concepts and revealing useful insights for your business. (In Dutch)

The Data Intelligence team at Cegeka has one mission:

To put your data to work in a smart, cost-effective and efficient manner. We can do this across the entire organization


  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Portfolio analyses
  • Customer profiling


  • Problem detection
  • Maintenance prediction


  • Data architecture
  • Data science analyses
  • Big data technologies


  • Incident monitoring
  • Maintenance prediction
  • Policy support & monitoring
Data flow

Quickstart with Cegeka

Immediate returns

 Look at your existing internal data sources from different perspectives and enrich it with Big Data for immediate insights. Learn how you can use data to maximize returns on investment.

Big results

 Use QuickStart results to boost your company’s service quality, up-sell new products, gauge churn rate and enhance customer retention. Applicable to diverse sectors including industry, government, healthcare, finance and retail.

7 tips

 QuickStart involves a 7-step process: intake, inventory of data sources, 2-hour value creation and data enrichment workshop, consolidation and validation, data analysis, presentation of views and proposal for action, and operations rollout.

Our data intelligence expertise

Data architecture

We manage and standardize data architecture, cleaning up your databases and linking data shared between different applications.

Search Engine Optimization

Intelligent search and matching optimizes search engine results by detecting complex relationships and integrating real-time data optimally.

Data visualization

Our data visualization techniques enable your company to detect problems, interpret information, find patterns and compare data quickly and easily.

Elastic stack architecture

 Through Elastic stack architecture, we ensure that you can view, analyze and visualize your data, for actionable insights in real-time.

Open-source frameworks

We use open-source frameworks Hadoop and MongoDB to support the rapid processing and management of large data sets in a distributed environment.

Business insight

We offer traditional business intelligence and business analytics solutions to give decision makers the ability to make quick decisions based on accurate data.

What does the future bring?


More data will exist in 2020.


Increase of traffic jams in 2020.


Times more servers will exist in 2020.


Luckily, there are currently 50+ data intelligence experts at Cegeka.

Data science: the agile way

Working agile to ensure customer satisfaction

Agile change Data Intelligence | Cegeka

Responsive to change

Predictive analysis allows forecasting that bases planning and budgeting on facts and historical data. This approach includes “what-if” scenarios that lead to the right actions to improve performance in multiple areas.

Agile budget Data Intelligence | Cegeka

On time on budget

2-week development cycles ensure the market relevance of the product. The team has every chance to evaluate the direction of the project and make adjustments and well-informed decisions.

Agile communication Data Intelligence | Cegeka

Communication is key

Our agile approach centers around a constant dialog between IT teams, business decision makers and other stakeholders impacted by the project – for perfectly tailored solutions.

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