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Cloud Enablement

Unlocking the true potential of the cloud

Cegeka is your guide to a distributed cloud future. We help you navigate the cloud landscape and uncover what’s beyond – so that you can unlock the true potential of cloud capabilities.

Advantages of Cloud Enablement

Balance added value and cost

Cloud Enablement helps optimize your cloud performance and spend by setting up a strategy based on your business’ unique goals and needs.

Reduce the risk of shadow IT

Cloud Enablement helps you curb shadow IT by providing an overview, maximizing security and making sure that all applications, infrastructure and people work together.

Bridge the gap between business and IT

Cloud Enablement helps IT to swiftly and flexibly cater to business needs. As we manage and reduce complexity, IT can focus on leveraging the best of each cloud solution to cover new functionalities.

Distributed Cloud

An integrated, fully managed cloud ecosystem

Many companies opt for the hybrid cloud or even multi-cloud model by using a mixture of on-premises, public and private cloud locations. In the Distributed Cloud, you can develop, implement and manage workloads across all your cloud environments. As a trusted cloud orchestrator, we ensure that all your applications, infrastructure and people work together efficiently.
Public cloud solutions

Public Cloud

Unlimited possibilities at your fingertips

We have an extensive knowledge of public cloud environments and their possibilities. We are Microsoft Gold Partner and have Azure advanced specializations, which make us your perfect partner for your journey to the public cloud.

Microsoft Azure and AWS

Private cloud solutions

Cegeka Cloud

Cegeka datacenters: at the heart

Cegeka has its own high-availability datacenters where we operate private cloud services. Allowing us to support legacy infrastructure and applications which enables the real potential of hybrid architectures.

Horizon cloud Microsoft Azure solutions


Your single pane of glass for Distributed Cloud

Horizon is our digital customer engagement portal. It is a multi-cloud platform which gives customers a single, user-friendly entry point to the services and products in the public cloud and the Cegeka Cloud.

It also offers visibility into our customers' security posture by providing a 'single pane of glass' unifying all data and interfaces.

Supporting you at every step of your cloud journey

Plan and design

Plan & Design

We can help you explore the added value of cloud adoption for your business, design your cloud strategy and plot your roadmap to the cloud to ensure a smooth shift that is tailored to your needs – all at your own pace.

Discover our Cloud Readiness Assessment

Build and migrate

Build & Migrate

We can help you put your cloud roadmap into practice. To ensure quick ROI, we start with quick wins. We create a program to smoothly migrate to a hybrid cloud environment, by rehosting, re-platforming or refactoring your applications. The resulting multi-cloud application landscape will seamlessly combine your on-premises infrastructure with public cloud and Cegeka cloud services.

Run and optimize

Run & Optimize

We ensure that every platform, application and system remains perfectly tuned and in perfect shape at all times. We offer:

  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Identity, security and compliance
  • E2E monitoring and self-healing
  • Inventory and life cycle management
  • Cost management and IT workload optimization

Why choose Cegeka?

In close cooperation

As a family-owned, no-nonsense company, we prefer working in close collaboration with your team throughout the entire process: from assessing your needs and defining the scope of the project to optimizing your cloud landscape.

We are vendor independent

As we work with many different business partners, we are not tied to a specific platform or service. That means we can choose the solutions that best meet your needs.

We offer end-to-end solutions

As we manage and optimize both your applications and infrastructure projects in an integrated way, we have a comprehensive view of cloud needs and requirements.

Combining experience with a continuous quest to learn

With more than 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure solutions and a continuous focus on learning, even the latest cloud developments hold no secrets for Cegeka experts.

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