Use case: How to automate order processing with Fearless Leader


During a store check, sales representatives replenish out-of-stock products. There are several ways to do this, including a standard order, an ex-car delivery or a transfer order. Fearless Leader helps sales reps efficiently take and automatically process orders, so they no longer have to worry about manual administration and can focus on what matters most: selling.

The challenge 

Out-of-stock products can be replenished in several ways:

  • Regular order: the sales rep registers the order and the product is replenished during a scheduled delivery round. This means it cannot be sold in the meantime.
  • Transfer order: the sales rep registers the order, but a third party makes the delivery.
  • Ex-car delivery: the sales rep delivers a limited number of items directly from his car. This is especially useful if the product is part of a temporary promotion or marketing campaign.

Afterwards, the sales rep must create a receipt and send it to the appropriate parties. But taking care of administration manually can be very time consuming. How do you take and process orders as efficiently as possible? With Fearless Leader, of course.



The approach 

Fearless Leader helps sales reps efficiently take orders. This is how it works:


  • In the app, choose your order type and create a new basket.
  • Select the right product and unit. Fearless Leader suggests which products and units are available and indicates whether you can add giveaways.
  • The store manager can manually sign the order in the app to appear on the receipt.

Once you confirm the order and close your appointment, the app automatically takes care of all administrative tasks:

  • Fearless Leader sends a receipt to the store manager and your accounting team so they can create an invoice and follow-up on the delivery.
  • Using the IDoc format, you can fully automate the flow from order to delivery. Your ERP automatically registers the order and forwards it to the warehouse – no human interaction required. There, an operator prepares the order for delivery.
  • In the case of a transfer order, you can forward the receipt to the third-party supplier. To make collaboration even smoother, align the names of products and points of sale in your ERP with those in the supplier’s system.

In other words, Fearless Leader takes over the entire administration flow so you can leave for your next appointment – or go home at the end of the day without working overtime.



The results 

Thanks to Fearless Leader, taking and processing orders has never been easier. The app:

  • Gives you a clear overview of all available products and units.
  • Automatically processes the order and all administrative tasks.
  • Frees up time for sales reps to make more visits and sell more.

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