Use case: How to manage sales promotions and other actions centrally with Fearless Leader


On top of their standard to-do list, sales representatives also carry out sales promotions and other actions, such as checking specific SKUs or conducting surveys. Managing several actions at once can get quite messy. Unless you’re using Fearless Leader, that is. With our app, you can easily create actions and roll them out to specific customers, set targets for sales reps, and track progress – all from one central overview.

The challenge 

To further boost sales, companies can run various actions on top of regular store checks. These are either one-time or recurrent actions, managed centrally by a sales director, category manager, field manager, or the like. These actions are aimed at:

  • directly boosting sales, for example, via a sales promotion through displays;
  • improving sales tactics by collecting valuable info, for example, through a short survey.

How do you maintain a central overview of ongoing actions and efficiently track progress? With Fearless Leader, of course.



The approach 

Now back to the sales director:


  • As soon as an action is up and running, the sales director can track its progress (e.g., how many stores did each sales rep visit, how many displays did they sell, etc.).
  • If an action is not doing as well as expected, the director can react promptly.

The results 

Fearless Leader is the perfect tool to centrally manage all sorts of sales actions:

  • easily set up actions and roll them out to specific customers;
  • define targets for sales reps and track their progress;
  • make timely adjustments to optimize outcomes.

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