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Find your way out and embark on an enlightening journey towards Marketing Mindfulness with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights. Stroll stress-free along the promenade of outstanding campaigns and conversions.

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Centralized Data Organization

Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights centralizes and organizes all information, offering you a unified view for effective and personalized marketing:

  • Data integration with other CRM modules or systems, ERP systems, email platforms and social media.
  • Efficient organization and interpretation of large volumes of customer data, enabling marketers to better understand customer behaviors and preferences, crucial for creating targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Unified Customer Profiles with contact details, interaction history, purchase records, and customer preferences.
  • Customization of views and dashboards, enables you to see the most relevant information at a glance.
  • Advanced analytics give insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and potential opportunities so you can tailor communications, recommendations, and offers based on individual customer data.

Streamlined Lead Management

Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights helps you elevate your marketing approach with targeted lead generation, comprehensive customer journey insights, and personalized segmentation:

  • Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights excels in identifying high-quality leads and engages them with personalized interactions for effective lead generation and nurturing.
  • Furthermore Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights aids in creating detailed maps of customer journeys, that provide valuable insights at each touchpoint, essential for optimizing the overall customer experience.
  • Marketers can customize their messaging and campaigns to cater to specific groups, using criteria such as demographics, purchase history, and levels of engagement, by using precise segmentation of customer bases.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights revolutionizes your marketing strategy with efficient campaign management and insightful analytics:

  • Copilot assists in creating compelling content and recommends optimizations to enhance the relevance and impact of your messaging.
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights enables seamless design, management, and execution of powerful and consistent marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • Robust analytics tools enable you to measure campaign effectiveness, track KPIs, understand customer engagement, and make informed, data-driven decisions to improve and adapt your marketing strategies.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights and Copilot empower marketers with advanced customer engagement capabilities:

  • Copilot's AI-driven analysis enables marketers to uncover patterns and insights like customer preferences, purchase history, and engagement levels, facilitating the creation of highly personalized customer experiences and more effective marketing strategies.
  • Marketing workflows automate tasks such as email syncing, conversation summarization, and response generation, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort in managing complex campaigns.
  • Real-time analytics, allow to rapidly adjust marketing strategies based on current trends and immediate customer feedback, crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic marketing landscape.
  • Copilot streamlines the creation of emails and marketing content, ensuring personalized, efficient, and timely communication with leads and clients.



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Are you lost in the endless twists and turns of the Marketing Maze? 

Discover how Copilot and the power of generative AI in Dynamics 365 Marketing - Customer Insights can be your guiding light.

Transform the bewildering twists and turns into a clear path, turning complexity into straightforward, effective customer journeys.

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Customer Case

A customer-centric platform at Q8Oils

How to centralize your sales, marketing and customer service processes when your colleagues and customers are spread around the globe? Q8Oils, the B2B branch of Q8, had this exact problem. Until they implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a central platform for all their customer-facing activities. The result? All teams are now cooperating in the same platform, have access to all customer data and unified their way of working globally.

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