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Application Management Services

Build up business resilience and agility by valorizing and renovating core applications

Outsourcing the support, maintenance, monitoring and optimization of your applications will improve service, cost and risk; free up your IT team; and most importantly improve your ability to respond quickly to changes and prepare for an unpredictable tomorrow.


Focus on your core business

Maintaining and supporting your existing IT landscape distracts your IT department from focusing on your actual business needs. AMS allows your workforce to spend their time focusing on what matters most.

Increased security and compliance

Thanks to state-of-the-art tools and processes your applications are thoroughly assessed, proactively monitored and continuously updated and optimized, ensuring security and compliance.

Improve user experience

Application management services focus not only on continuously and proactively improving application availability and stability but also on business value and user experience. Cegeka works in close cooperation with its customers, with an optimal mix of on- and nearshore, and takes great care in knowledge transfer in order to guarantee service quality and end user satisfaction.

Keep costs under control

Improve efficiency by leveraging automation, proven best practices and an optimal combination of on- and nearshore. This will increase financial flexibility and predictability and lower the total cost of ownership, while maintaining the collaboration between the application business owners and the application managers.

Embrace innovation and agility

Outsourcing application management is an enabler for innovation and digital transformation.

Your application landscape can be assessed using state-of-the-art scanning tools to evaluate risks and modernization opportunities. Application management services include not only the operational run but also continuous improvement. Application modernization helps to ensure your applications continue to meet changing business needs and stay fit for the future.
You can also combine application management services with an integration services offering. In this way you can innovate by implementing new composable building blocks (SaaS, low code, cloud-native developments) and integrate them in an easy, flexible, reliable and secure way with your existing applications.

Customer testimonials

Carglass: Optimal system integration thanks to engaged cooperation

Advanced business applications play a crucial role in Carglass' ambitions. Systems integrator Cegeka works in close cooperation with Carglass on the integration and further development of various apps.

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A joint journey towards digital transformation at Q-Park

Q-Park strongly believes in digital transformation. Looking for a sparring partner to help achieve its crucial objectives, Q-Park teamed up with Cegeka.

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Our offering

We assess, transition, run and optimize your core applications with the right people, tools, frameworks and methodologies.

Service model

Together with the customer, we define a model where all service components within your application ecosystem are listed. This includes all support, change and project items.


Processes, roles & responsibilities

Using ITIL we define the best practices needed to align our services with the needs of your business, such as incident, problem, change and knowledge management. We also apply agile & DevSecOps best practices to continuously optimize and improve your applications.



We ensure the right level of service and cooperation by setting up a governance model on strategic, tactical and operational levels.


Collaboration framework

We provide the framework and the tooling for a clear overview of all contractual agreements.



We make sure the right instruments are available, such as a self-service portal for the customer, an IT service management system and tools for backlog & application lifecycle management. We can also integrate with customers’ ITSM systems/portals.


Reporting & performance management

In order to optimize our services continuously, we provide end-to-end reporting based on agreed KPIs and SLAs.


Our approach

Software Development Plan Foundation Phase


We assess your applications and determine the scope for the application management service, including clear contractual agreements, responsibilities and KPIs.

Application management services build


We set up the agreed service organization, process alignment, governance setup and knowledge transfer. Cegeka also has extensive experience in staff/ contractor transfers, with a win-win focus on employees, service quality and business continuity.

Software Development Run Optimize


End-to-end service levels with full-scale support. We manage and monitor your applications, support and coach people in your organization, continuously improve the service and optimize your applications.

DevSecOps and Agile best practices

Delivering increased business value and responsiveness through rapid, high quality service delivery

By making extensive use of DevSecOps and Agile methodologies we can deliver increased business value and responsiveness during our application projects. Automation and innovative technologies, such as containers and microservices, are essential elements in this approach to culture and platform design.

Everything is set up to assure rapid and frequent development cycles where security is seen as an integral part of the delivery.

Why Cegeka?

In close cooperation

Our aim is to help you grow and improve your business. We believe in cooperation based on empathy and commitment. Cegeka ensures close guidance during the entire process: from defining the scope to offer maintenance and support activities throughout the customer’s application landscape.

End-to-end offering

Cegeka has a full range of solutions in the areas of applications, infrastructure, data and security, and can offer an all-in-one package from consulting to governance, and from implementation to management including best-in-class end-user management. Our solutions are modular, which allows us to provide a customized service to our clients.

Technical expertise

Instead of finding the right IT expertise in the market, you can count on our experts to relieve your business of those hard-to-find profiles and technical skills.

Flexibility and scalability

Our offering is fully adapted and scalable to your business needs. We don’t apply a one-size-fits-all method, but instead offer a flexible and scalable solution.


We cover a wide range of technologies and platforms and have strong partnerships with multiple vendors.

Proven track record

Our customers can confirm that our methodology, experience and expertise lead to successful results: future-proof solutions that deliver the expected outcomes and are cost efficient to maintain, thanks to built-in quality.

Proven experience and continuous learning

With 30+ years’ experience and proven expertise in technology and business strategies, application development and management hold no secrets for Cegeka experts.

The right size to move quickly

With a team of over 5,500 people in 20+ European offices, we can handle complex application landscapes. Moreover, our size allows us to assess and transition applications in a fast and reliable way – no risks involved!

Nearshore services

Cegeka offers the same high-quality service level for every IT project in Belgium, Romania and Moldova.

Nearshoring allows you to scale up quickly, with the support of our experts, who can assist you every step of the way. We have teams of developers in different European countries who can apply the application services you need.

Each project is carried out according to our high-quality processes and methodologies. Unlike offshore providers, we can deliver quality performance thanks to our proximity, small time-zone differences and cultural awareness.

  • 120 developers in Romania
  • 30 developers in Moldova
  • Software services: application development and maintenance, IT team extensions
  • Software platforms
  • Cloud Services
  • .NET, Java, Frontend, Mobile, OutSystem and Azure expertise

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