Use case: How to make the most out of store checks with Fearless Leader


During a store check, sales representatives need to manage many tasks all at once, from checking parameters to replenishing shelves and closing new deals. The faster they finish, the faster they can move onto the next check. Fearless Leader provides sales reps with a practical overview of all products and parameters, calculates the most efficient order to run the check, and makes it possible to compare values from previous checks.

The challenge 

During a store check, sales representatives:
  • verify and register whether their products are in stock,
  • replenish products that are out of stock,
  • and gain insight into how visible they are compared to competitors.

The less time sales reps spend on each store check, the more checks they can complete in one day and the more deals they can close. In other words: time is money.

Fearless Leader Storecheck GSM

The approach 

With our Fearless Leader app, sales reps can make the most out of store checks. Here’s how:

  • When you start the store check, you get a checklist of all the products you need to inspect.
  • Do you have a large portfolio? Mark the most important products as ‘mandatory’ and the others as ‘optional’.
  • If it’s your first time visiting the store, you’ll need to look for the shelf where your products are normally stored – or you can just ask the store manager.
  • Once you’ve found the right shelf, different follow-up scenarios are possible:


The product is displayed


  • Check all parameters and enter them into Fearless Leader. Common parameters are the number of facings, shelf placement, price, and current promotions.
  • If you know the dimensions of your product, you can also calculate share of shelf (SoS) – and measure your visibility compared to your direct competitors.
  • Logged everything? Mark the item as ‘done’ to make it disappear from the checklist and continue with the next product.


The product is out of stock


  • If you have a part of your stock with you, you can make a deal with the store manager on the spot and replenish the shelf right away. You can also have the products delivered later.
  • In Fearless Leader, you can indicate that the product is in stock again.


Checked every product on the list? Finish the appointment and leave for the next one right away.


But wait, that’s not it. The real power of Fearless Leader reveals itself when you revisit the store.


  • Based on your previous visit, Fearless Leader calculates the most efficient order to do the store check. That means no more running from one shelf to another and back.
  • In addition, Fearless Leader indicates any discrepancies in the parameters, e.g., higher price, fewer facings, less favorable shelf placement, etc., so you can easily report them to the store manager and act accordingly.

The results 

Fearless Leader improves store checks on different levels:

  • Check products in the most efficient order and do more checks in the same amount of time.
  • Get one overview of all parameters of a product and use that information to prepare your next sales meeting and close even better deals in the future.
  • Keep track of all store locations where your products are sold so that management can set up targeted actions to introduce products to new stores.
  • Compare values from previous visits and gain insight into trends, growth, and potential areas for improvement.

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