Use case: How to track te product sales pipeline in bars and restaurants with Fearless Leader


When sales representatives check the assortment in bars and restaurants, they usually focus on 2 parameters: are my products available, and if so, at what price? Sounds easy… but what if you have to keep track of the sales pipeline for dozens of products and even more points of sale? Fearless Leader gives sales reps complete visibility into the product sales pipeline, so they can efficiently perform assortment checks and take informed follow-up actions.

The challenge 

In addition to store checks , sales reps also run assortment checks. In this instance, they visit bars, restaurants, canteens, hotels, etc. to check if their products are available there, and at what price. Since these establishments are mostly privately-owned points of sale, sales reps have quite a bit of room to negotiate prices. But to negotiate effectively, they must know where their products are in the sales pipeline at all times.

How do you keep track of the sales pipeline of dozens of products across hundreds of points of sales? The answer: Fearless Leader.

The approach 

Fearless Leader allows you to track the sales pipeline of every product in your assortment at every point of sale in your portfolio. When configuring the app, you can choose:

  • either a simple pipeline (e.g., the product is ‘present’ vs. ‘not present’)
  • or a more complex pipeline, as illustrated below.

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In this example, new products in the assortment or existing products that have yet to be introduced to the customer are labeled as ‘Unknown’. There are 2 possible follow-up scenarios:

  • No potential: you will not try to introduce the product, for example because the prospect is affiliated with another brand/brewery/caterer/etc.
  • Introduced: you have introduced the product to the prospect and they are willing to try it.

When you revisit the prospect some time later, there are again 2 possible follow-up scenarios:

  • Not interested: they have tried the product but do not wish to proceed with it.
  • Present: the prospect is interested in your product. You can now negotiate a fair price and place the first order.

Finally, products that are no longer offered at the point of sale are labeled as ‘not present’.


As mentioned before, you can tailor your sales pipeline to your needs. Expand the above case with additional statuses such as ‘proposed’ right before ‘introduced’, for example. Or ‘reintroduced’ for products that have previously been rejected, but are now introduced again after getting a new design, composition, or extra visibility in a marketing campaign.

The results 

Fearless Leader gives you full insight into the sales pipeline by product and location. As a result:

  • You get a clear picture of the overall interest in your assortment.
  • You can easily update the status of products and efficiently run assortment checks.
  • You can filter by product and location and take informed follow-up actions. For example:
    • schedule an early second appointment with prospects to whom you’ve recently introduced your product.
    • send a questionnaire to prospects who weren’t interested in your product.

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