Today, the IT landscape is far too broad and detail-laden to expect any one person to know it all. The risks are too great to think otherwise. In Cegeka, we have experts who help us reach a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of the systems our clients intend to create. Hence, we have the right type of architect to meet this objective.


In close cooperation

As an Architect, you are the soundboard inside and outside Cegeka as you will design and construct IT solutions guided by principles and guidelines, according to your area of expertise. Given the variety of clients, infrastructures and applications we are in charge of, we also have the full spectrum of architecture in IT.  

Together with the team, you will ensure that the customer will make the right technical choice based on your vision and the insights provided by you. You will provide a consistent and coherent way to show and discuss the design and delivery with both the customer and team implementing the solution. 

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Therefore, in Cegeka we have architects focused on: business, infrastructure (Network Architect, Data Architect, Cloud Architect) or development. This is the way we ensure that we are ready to translate our clients requirements into a solution vision in order to meet business objectives, the logic that governs them and the information associated with them. For each type of project, we know that we have the experts to focus on how components are designed and built, acting as the gateway between the Development or Engineering teams and the customer, to make sure that business needs are met. 



What should you expect?

  • Working together with motivated and expert colleagues on digital solutions that actually help your customers achieve their goals.
  • Innovation and knowledge sharing are high on our agenda. We are always looking for innovation and improvement with our customers and we are active with challenging innovation projects. You will have plenty of opportunities to actively participate in this.
  • You will join a close-knit, driven and passionate team in which it is pleasant and fun to work.
  • Lots of opportunity to work on your personal development with courses, trainings and with work that helps you to push your limits.