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Vlad Melechett-400x400

Vlad Melechett

Sales, Management & Support, Software, Architecture

Raluca Cioran-400x400

Raluca Cioran

Sales, Management & Support, Cloud Technology, Security

Victor Felea-400x400

Victor Felea

Sales, Management & Support, Software

Cristina Matciac - 400x400

Cristina Matciac

Software - Chisinau

Madalina Conovaleanu-400x400

Madalina Conovaleanu

Software, Data, DevOps

Roxana Bulf-400x400

Roxana Bulf

Digital Workplace, DevOps, Security

Georgiana Zugravu-400x400

Georgiana Zugravu

Software, Cloud Technology

Anca Morar-400x400

Anca Morar

Software, Data, DevOps

Emilia Manolache-400x400

Emilia Manolache

Software, Data, DevOps


Monalisa Popescu

Software, Data, DevOps

Maria Patrolea-400x400

Maria Patrolea

Cloud Technology, Security

Razvan Avramescu-400x400

Razvan Avramescu

Cloud Technology, Software, DevOps

Anamaria Aniculaesei-400x400

Anamaria Aniculaesei

Software, Cloud Technology, DevOps


Bucharest, Romania

Tower Center Blvd 15-17 - Ion Mihalache 15-17 - Sector 1

011171 Bucureşti


Iasi, Romania

Aria Office Center - Soseaua Nationala 37

700237 Iași


Chisinau, Moldova

31 August 1989 Street, 78




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