First step in IT

IT is booming! In a rapidly changing world we are increasingly dependent on technology. Do you have a passion for IT and want to make a start in the dynamic IT field?

Cegeka offers you a flying start!


Start at Cegeka

Whether you have just graduated and you are looking for your first internship or you want to make a new start in IT, you are in the right place. With the right motivation and passion, we offer you an environment in which you can learn quickly. 

Our flexibility, freedom and professionalism offer to a young graduate an environment where you can learn quickly. Here you will be given the space to discover and develop your talents. For this we expect a good amount of independence, creativity and a sense of responsibility in return. Our goal: to be a facilitator for ambitious talents.

Academy Software Development

Cegeka also offers educational, fun and challenging traineeships for students in their last study years or at a master’s degree. In the last 3 years we organized Software Development Academies on Java, .NET, Front-end Development, Microsoft Dynamics for more than 70 students. How does this work? During spring, we select a number of students after a recruitment process (interview and technical test) and then you will join a series of weekly workshops and sessions with our mentors, for a period of 3 months/6 months.

The traineeship is designed in such a way that you can be ready for a full-time role in our teams or one of our customer’s team. Therefore, you will have the guidance of our experts in development along the way for the theoretical knowledge as well as for the technical projects you will be part of.


Cloud and Digital Workplace path

The colleagues from first line teams are now part of every squad from the Infrastructure Division: Cloud, DevOps, Digital Workplace, Service Management, Change and Incident Management. Do these teams sound like a possible career path for you, but you don’t have the technical knowledge, yet?


Do you have a passion for IT and are you (regularly) working on it in your spare time? Then the Service Desk and NOC roles might be your ideal springboard for a successful career in IT. You start as a first-line support employee, then you can quickly progress to more demanding IT positions.


This is the way to get to know the organization, our approach and a practical solution to see what is the best match for you as a next step. We are with you along the way and support your growth process with Fast-Track and Talent Management programs. You will be engaged in obtaining certificates, thus, ensuring that the IT infrastructure for our international customers is getting a little better every day. 

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Learn. Grow. Share. Experience.

Innovation can no longer be ignored in a growing IT company such as Cegeka.  We are committed to help you grow so we constantly design new programs for you to develop. Aspire to More Academy is about ambition, about the willingness to get out of your comfort zone and about the eagerness to keep growing and learning. Therefore, in 2021 we launched an Internal Academy on Digital Workplace and Windows Engineering, a dedicated stream for each. 

The students are colleagues from First Level Teams (NOC Technicians and Service Desk Agents), as well as colleagues from other teams willing to enhance their knowledge on these areas. 

In this 2 months journey, they are accompanied by our internal mentors, who prepared a series of technical courses and workshops part of a curricula designed and adjusted to Cegeka's profiles. 

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