As a DevOps engineer you bring development and IT operations closer together. While helping automate our infrastructure and those of our customers, you come into contact with tech players such as RedHat and the Open-Source alternative OKD, with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and the DevOps ideology.


DevOps automation

Container platforms give us all the freedom and control to develop, deploy and scale non-stop applications. On-premise or public cloud? The infrastructure is no longer decisive. As a DevOps engineer, your responsibilities will include setting up and maintaining these container platforms to develop software in a modern and consistent way.

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Developing, deploying, scaling, monitoring, and managing large scale apps in a hybrid cloud environment – that is quite a challenge. As a DevOps engineer you use the power of the container platforms to automate all those processes. Combine your cumulated knowledge about infrastructure and data centers with your expertise in an agile application development!

What should you expect?

  • Working both for existing and new customers. This way, you are constantly encouraged to use the latest technologies and offer more value;
  • Always having a team to work with, because together you are strong (and working together is also just much more fun);
  • A versatile playground for growth, substantial challenges, and job satisfaction;
  • Projects, large and small, that you can really put a stamp on;
  • Building sustainable, balanced partnerships with customers.