At Cegeka we are data enthusiasts, and provide transparent services to our customers. We help our teams and clients gain valuable and smart insights which can describe, prescribe, diagnose, and predict situations. Leave your mark on important projects and make a difference with your data solutions knowledge and skills!


Finding value in a sea of data

We look at the customer's business from a data perspective to achieve the best possible operational performance. With vast knowledge and experience, our BI Developers, Data Architects, Analysts and Data Engineers offer various data solutions. We also advise our customers about storing, connecting and interpreting data.

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Our customers ask us to help them find solutions for Data Engineering, Data Governance and Business Intelligence. Whether they need all the features of a solution or just some of them, we investigate and find the best proposal for each, considering what added value we can offer.

We focus on delivering long term solutions, covering real needs, and our designs bring added value to the decisional process. The department works in close cooperation with other teams of proficient engineers, and we share knowledge daily to provide a complete image of Cegeka’s activity to the customers. The BI stack we use is mainly from Microsoft, but we are flexible in using any solution available (Splunk, PowerShell, Python, APIs) to make use of all data sources and provide them with one click in an easy-to-access format.

We would love to work with you on more such success stories. Help us chisel new and existing solutions, where you always develop your potential! Stay up to date with the latest technologies and help us remain relevant. Your good connection with the customer benefits the entire company. This way our work remains fun and challenging every day.

At Cegeka we extract insights from data that no one else has yet.

Constantijn Rijsdijk, Business Consultant Data & Analytics

What should you expect?

  • Working in a tight-knit, driven, and passionate team, pleasant and fun to work with. For us knowledge sharing is central;
  • Collaborate with colleagues with a lot of expertise in data analysis, data science, data governance and data engineering;
  • You will use advanced tools such as Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Power BI and SQL;
  • You will have the opportunity to work on various assignments which will boost your knowledge and confidence;
  • Projects, large and small, that you can really leave your mark upon.