Cloud Technology

At Cegeka we take full care of our customers. We have a lot of experience in offering customers a wide range of infrastructure services. With our cloud services, we give our clients plenty of room to focus on their core business.


Taking the customer to the cloud

We dream of groundbreaking and reliable IT infrastructure solutions. In doing so not only do we keep both feet on the ground, but also our heads in the cloud, as it allows us to offer unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. Whatever the appropriate technology, our team of experts knows how to integrate everything seamlessly and tailor it to the customer's wishes.

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At Cloud Enablement, we improve, care for, and modernize our customers' IT infrastructure. The closer you are to the customer, the better the service and the more meaning you can bring. Therefore, all functions within this field are client oriented. The continuous dialogue about their wishes and needs helps us choose the right solution from the private, public and hybrid cloud services that Cegeka has in-house. In every role within our team you make the difference for the customer, whether you are a Cloud System Engineer, IT architect, Application Manager, or Service Manager.

Learning and developing yourself in order to support your team and clients, is part of the Cegeka DNA.

Marian Matei, Service Coordinator

What should you expect?

  • Working both for existing and for new customers. This way you are constantly encouraged to use the latest technologies and offer more value;
  • Always working in a team, because together you stand strong (and working together is also much more fun);
  • A versatile playground for growth, substantial challenge and job satisfaction;
  • Projects, large and small, that you can really leave a mark upon;
  • Building sustainable, balanced partnerships with customers.