Variety is the fuel for development

Adrian Ilie, .NET Software Developer

Adrian enjoys a good challenge. As a team leader he is never short of them, as every day brings something different to his plate. Maintaining a clear head in tricky situations is one of the secrets behind his results, alongside the passion for his job.

My ambition? Be better than I was yesterday.

Adrian Ilie, .NET Software Developer

Stay up-to-date

"I have always loved technology, engineering and automated controls, so I never see my profession as a job, but more as a passion. Everything I do in my life, I do passionately, and that applies to each of my projects. Every day feels very different even if I’m working on the same product. Today I might code more and tomorrow I might do more people management or analysis for future improvements."


"Even if it sometimes starts to feel chaotic, this is where I actually get my energy from. That, and the fact that I work with like-minded professionals. I often get asked what are my „responsibilities in Cegeka?” Well, I am not going to name all of them, but I can express their totality in one simple sentence: I am here to make a difference!"

"I am a Team Leader, a .NET software developer and responsible for a sub-project on managing parking areas. Working on a large-scale product shows me how important it is to always be up-to-date, to continuously learn and follow the technology trends in the market. It’s very important for me to continuously improve myself. As the entrepreneur of your growth, your ambition will only grow together with Cegeka, as we are given this space to develop. My ambition? Be better than I was yesterday. I like to get my head into new and unknown things. This is the way I feel I get the most out of a situation."

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