The thrill of threat hunting

Cristian Dirdea, Security Incident Response Engineer

Cristian’s current role is not a matter of chance. His thorough thinking shines in his everyday work while developing security packs, such as vulnerability management, penetration testing, security monitoring. His keen eye is also aware of all the cultural factors in the organization that nurture his development.

Cegeka’s values support my constant growth journey.

Cristian Dirdea, Security Incident Response Engineer

Security from A – Z

"Four years ago, I made a lateral career move while searching for new learning and professional opportunities. I approached the job search with the same structured mindset that I use in my everyday life. After several security job alerts and multiple days spent on forensic interview analysis, I was able to conclude which company complied with my requirements and I built a long-term career strategy."

"Cegeka was the only employer who matched my current and future ambitions. A young and growing team is by my side and together we design and fine tune security monitoring services. I've seen that as an opportunity, the challenge of learning by doing is a factor for long-term retention. For me, being involved in all steps from setting up and defining a security solution, like a SIEM or EDR, until the mature product is launched makes me feel part of a family where all members are aware of the activity of the others."

"As a Security Incident Response Engineer, I always analyze security incidents and alerts, as my mission is finding the root cause and mitigating the risk. I feel a huge satisfaction when complex incidents are managed and the final report helps us improve our threat intelligence and policies. Threat hunting is one of the processes that helps me prevent attacks by continuously tailoring the detections to the particularities of each business."

"Together with my colleagues and the management team I feel that we contribute to a successful department, committed to providing many different security packs: vulnerability management, penetration testing, security monitoring. I see myself growing within the Security Operations Center in the following years. What gives me confidence is my mission of continuously improving the existing processes, my awareness of the leadership style in the company and the openness of the management team. All these factors support my thirst for knowledge and constant learning."

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