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Charlotte Meuris

Charlotte Meuris

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Inge Feytons - 400 x 400

Inge Feytons

Digital Workplace & Cloud, Sales, Management & Support

Marlies Vanspauwen - 400 x 400

Marlies Vanspauwen

Architecture, Software & Analysis

MicrosoftTeams-image (48)-2

Sarah Steenbergen

Young Professionals

Giovanni Belcastro 400x400

Giovanni Belcastro

Project Flanders Digital, Software & Analysis

Yasmine Simons - 400x400

Yasmine Simons

Engineering & Service Desk

Sofie Degrande 400x400

Sofie Degrande

Engineering, Digital Workplace & Shared Services

Profiel foto Julie Van Gorp - kopie

Julie Van Gorp

Talent Acquisition Manager

Isabella Grossi

IT Consultancy - Infrastructure

Hannes Van den Hende

IT Consultancy - Open Source Development & Analysis

Charlotte Roelandt - 400 x 400

Charlotte Roelandt

IT Consultancy - Microsoft Development & Analysis

Geert Joos

Geert Joos

IT Consultancy - Infrastructure, Legacy & Testing

Koen Lermytte - 400 x 400

Koen Lermytte

IT Consultancy - Analysis

Melanie Vrijens

IT Consultancy - Open Source Development

Stephany Thijs

IT Consultancy - Project Managers

Amélie Noten-1

Amélie Noten

IT Consultancy - Open Source Development


Hasselt Headquarters

Corda 3 - Kempische Steenweg 307

3500 Hasselt


Hasselt Universiteitslaan

Universiteitslaan 9

3500 Hasselt



Posthofbrug 12 (Building 3)

2030 Antwerpen



Sluisweg 2 Bus 9

9000 Gent



Interleuvenlaan 16

3001 Leuven



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