Software Development

Customization. This describes working in Software & Analysis at Cegeka. We offer our customers a variety of software solutions in the field of Java, .NET, OutSystems, Python,…. No matter how diverse our services are, the way of working remains the same: we stay in close contact with the customer to design an optimal solution.


A heart for smart software

Because our clients operate in a constantly changing market, it is crucial that they can adapt their strategy quickly. In other words, they must be Agile. Cegeka's Applications division delivers custom software and it’s able to offer support in this.

Our Agile culture is at the heart of what we do and who we are: close collaboration with the client in which we contribute to value creation, strong focus on a working environment that stimulates job satisfaction and technical excellence in all areas: architecture, user experience, maintainability...

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An important part of our Agile culture is continuous learning: time and budgets are available for employees to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and methodologies. This enables us to deliver the best software and provides opportunities for professional growth for all.


Within the Social Impact division, we develop socially relevant applications that are strongly linked to social security and the public sector. The social contributions of self-employed people are correctly calculated and the administration around it is monitored, premiums are calculated and automatically granted, the payroll administration of companies is expertly supported, etc.


At Smart Cities, we support local governments, businesses and citizens in building a sustainable society. We deliver specialized products and services like Capacity, Mobilize, Conflict management and Urban sense.

Cegeka has been selected as strategic partner for Application Management for the Flemish Government. Within the framework of the recovery plan 1 billion euro will be invested in digital transformation. Besides the Flemish Government, we also offer application services within IT Consultancy to many customers in Flanders and Brussels.


Cegeka has successfully developed a leading digital healthcare platform for Viollier, which offers a secure combination of people, personal data management, and medical applications. A data-driven project with a real-life tangible impact. A project on which lives depend.

Do you have little or no experience with IT, but are you very interested in it or are you ready for a career change? At Cegeka we like to challenge you. Continuous learning is in our DNA and that is why we offer non-IT people the chance to train to become a fully-fledged functional analyst. Discover the job opportunities for non-IT people here.

While software projects today are often iterative and agile, it's still crucial to determine the right foundation for a software application before the project starts.

Joris Vertommen, Operations Manager Applications

Continuous learning

  • Knowledge sharing meetings: Cross-project communities of colleagues with similar roles exchange their experiences and best practices in a ‘guild’. Current active knowledge sharing meetings: .NET, Java, Outsystems, Application maintenance, Agile practitioners, Experience design, People management, Proxies & analysis, Web (PHP/Drupal), Trainers, .NET Architecture, Java Architecture, Project & Service management;
  • Sandboxes: colleagues with common interests do research, come up with best practices, offer support, create training programs e.g. on SOLID;
  • Exploration days: in-house hackathons organized 2 times a year where small teams explore with new technologies;
  • Digital festival: internal conference with project fair, vision presentation by CEO, presentation of company’s innovative solutions;
  • Study groups: 5 to 8 colleagues share knowledge around a relevant and interesting blog, article, video, book;
    External conferences on Agile Methodology, Software craftsmanship, Software & technology, Requirements & UX, Project management;
  • Training: agile software engineering practices for developers, agile engineering & testing requirements for customer proxies, agile project management for project managers.

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