A job as a Consultant at Cegeka offers numerous opportunities to shape your own career. You will be supported by a people manager, who can help you select relevant training courses, among other things. You will also get the chance to get involved in exciting long-term projects at our customers. You will guide our customers in their digital transformation. With advice, implementation and management in service of their mission.



Your growth is key

As a consultant at Cegeka, countless opportunities are open to you to fully shape and develop your career. We offer a dynamic environment in which your growth and development are central. Whether you opt for a permanent Cegeka contract or want to embrace challenging projects as a freelancer, we adapt to your preferences. We believe in creating a working environment that suits you so that you can perform and grow optimally.

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Continuous learning

  • Continuous learning & knowledge sharing: Cegeka offers a stimulating environment in which you can continuously learn and develop your skills. You have access to training courses, workshops and other development opportunities to help you grow professionally.
  • Diverse projects: As a consultant at Cegeka, you will come into contact with various projects and clients in different industries. This gives you the chance to broaden your expertise and work on different challenges. As a consultant, you can explore and apply the latest technologies in your work.
  • Impact: Consultants at Cegeka have the opportunity to make a real impact on companies. You can develop strategies, optimise processes and implement innovative solutions that contribute directly to clients' success.
  • Support: You will be supported by a team of experts and receive customised guidance in which we look together at where your growth opportunities lie.
  • Stability: Cegeka is a stable and reputable company with a long history. This offers security and a solid foundation for your career. Even as a freelancer, there are enough projects at Cegeka for a long-term collaboration.