Cegeka is a fast growing company in an extremely fast evolving sector. That requires ongoing adaptation and transformation. Our professionals are therefore constantly in change mode and thus in learning mode.


At Cegeka we offer the facilities, but we let the professionals initiate.

At Cegeka, we facilitate your personal development and encourage lifelong continuous learning. Technical skills are trained on the job, from competence centres or by external coaches. Soft skills are also given high priority. Awareness of your own strengths is stimulated and facilitated by various actions such as internal communication about career paths, coaching and feedback interviews.

Besides work, there is also plenty of room for fun. Teambuildings, happy hours, family days, a short ski, ... we take care that there is enough time for fun at work!

Hybrid working: how do we make it a success story at Cegeka?

Our motto “ In close cooperation” is more relevant than ever. COVID-19 has determined changes in the way we work: ‘hybrid’ is the type of working of the present. Intensive collaboration, open communication, empathy and initiative are important elements of good (hybrid) cooperation - between employees, customers and partners. We organize training courses for this purpose that are subsidized through the European Social Fund.

What can we offer you?

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  • Lots of possibilities for personal development: draw up your personal development plan and participate in initiatives such as the Cegeka Cloud Academy, Cegeka Leadership Academy, internal and external training, competence centers, etc.
  • Flexible work hours: trying to avoid the morning rush hour? How about managing your own working hours? Working from home for a day or collaborating with colleagues on-site? Your workplace is where your computer is.
  • Fun is part of the job: a fun Saint Nicholas party, a high-profile staff event, lively team building sessions, great afterworks and lunches: we take fun at work seriously!
  • A wide range of career opportunities: in a rapidly changing information society, it’s normal that your ambitions change as well. Are you interested in a new technology or expertise? At Cegeka you code your own career.
  • A mobility solution that suits you: are you travelling to your favourite workplace, to customers or to a conference? At Cegeka you arrive everywhere in style, with a means of transport that suits you down to the ground. You can opt for a lease car and/or a mobility budget within the mobility scheme.
  • A customised salary package: you can determine yourself which extra benefits appear on your salary slip each year. That is the strength of our Flex Reward Plan.

Top Employer

Cegeka is a Top Employer in Belgium and the Netherlands. We have earned this place partly thanks to our vision of Talent Management. We cherish the talent of our employees by offering them challenging opportunities in a pleasant environment. The pleasant working atmosphere, fun after work, flexible hours, flexible reward plan and a company car also make it TOP to work for Cegeka.

Learning follows strategic choices

Initially, the departments provided the necessary training and someone followed that up administratively. In the meantime, that model has changed drastically. We made an inventory of the training courses, we refined our tools and used the insights we gained to take the next step. We now work on themes that are in line with our strategy. Last year that was leadership. Each manager followed a 7-day management excellence boot camp. To measure the effectiveness, we asked the employees if they saw an improvement in their managers.

This year the theme is Cloud. We have a data center, and we are also switching to public cloud solutions. Our CEO presented a roadshow about this strategic choice. And we have created a Cloud Academy, in which more than 1,000 people participate. Each department has drawn up a 'learning plan', which was guided by HR. All learning initiatives are aligned with the company's strategy and with every department’s plan.

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