Are you looking for a new assignment? Or is your current project coming to an end soon? Cegeka is also the right place for a challenging freelance collaboration.


Working as a Freelancer

Cegeka is one of the leaders in IT Consultancy on the European Market. Cegeka helps its customers to remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital world by looking beyond the obvious.

We try to support our clients in achieving their goals in a fast and adequate way by using the expertise of permanent employees and freelancers. Freelancers are an important part of our community.

A large variety of challenging projects

  • Within Cegeka you can work as a freelancer in our various areas of expertise:

    • Architecture (Java Architect, .Net Architect,...)
    • Cloud Technology (Data Architect)
    • Data (Data scientist,...)
    • Security (Security Architect)
    • Software Solutions (.Net developer, Java developer, Functional Analyst, Scrum master,...)
    • Other specializations ...

    Also within Sales, Management & Support there are open freelance positions. For an up-to-date offer, it is best to view all our vacancies for freelancers in the job overview.



Continuous learning & fun

As a Freelancer you will be involved in long-term and challenging projects and you will be part of our existing teams at our customers and internally. You will also be invited to our fun events and you can participate in various continuous learning initiatives such as knowledge sharing events, competence centers, etc.


We ask for your satisfaction feedback very year

Cegeka surveys the satisfaction of its permanent employees and freelancers every year.

In the engagement survey for freelancers, the focus is on the general satisfaction of the freelancer, project allocation and contract administration. A summary of the results:

  • More than 90% of the freelancers feel welcomed and integrated;
  • 90% of the freelancers recommend Cegeka;
  • More than 50% of the freelancers choose a long-term project;
  • 74% of freelancers give a score of 8 or more out of 10 on how interesting and challenging they find the projects;
  • 90% of the freelancers expect Cegeka to offer them new opportunities when their project ends.

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