Functional & Business Analysis

Customization. This describes working in Software & Analysis at Cegeka. We offer our customers a variety of software solutions in the field of Java, .NET, OutSystems, Python,…. No matter how diverse our services are, the way of working remains the same: we stay in close contact with the customer to design an optimal solution.

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Thinking along and thinking ahead

As a Functional Analyst/Business Analyst at Cegeka, you play a crucial role in the success of IT projects. You bridge the gap between customer requirements and technical implementation. You analyze customer needs, translate them into clear specifications, and work closely with developers to create the perfect solution. While this might sound technical, technical knowledge is actually not required.

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Building the best solution together

You work in a development team that often consists of two analysts and four developers. This team can be a mix of Cegeka colleagues, internal employees of the client, and sometimes external partners. Together, you build applications and work closely together. Open communication with all involved parties is essential to ensure the right solution is built for the client.

Additionally, you gather extra input from domain experts, for which regular consultation moments are scheduled. In larger projects, you also work closely with a project leader and other teams contributing to the solution.

Knowledge and support

Cegeka provides support to develop specific knowledge about the sector you work in. You also gain insights into current and future projects with clients. This is especially valuable for understanding client needs better, particularly with large clients in complex markets like the energy sector.

Your workday

Your day starts with a scrum board, where you review the progress of the project. In the daily stand-up, you discuss tasks and bottlenecks with your team. You regularly zoom out to understand the bigger picture and ensure the solution's value for the client.

While software projects today are often iterative and agile, it's still crucial to determine the right foundation for a software application before the project starts.

Joris Vertommen, Operations Manager Applications

Celebrating success together

Projects that make you proud and develop a good team dynamic have a significant impact on your productivity and job satisfaction. These successes are celebrated with a pizza party or cocktails after work. We are proud of what we achieve together and continue to develop into a well-oiled machine. Become a Functional Analyst/Business Analyst at Cegeka today! Check out our open vacancies and make a difference in the IT world.

Personal growth and development

You receive guidance from a people manager and project manager. Together with your people manager, you create a personal development plan in which you set your goals and learning points. Cegeka invests in your development, enabling you to elevate your career to the next level.

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