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Aniel Radjkoemar, Team Coordinator Application & Integration Management

Aniel Radjkoemar is Team Coordinator within Application & Integration Management (AIM). In this interview, he shares his passion for leadership and promoting effective teamwork. He discusses his motivation, how he shares knowledge with the team, and his future goals as a team leader.

I find it fascinating to lead a team and to foster a good atmosphere among people with different personalities. I believe that a healthy work environment contributes to this.

Aniel Radjkoemar, Team Coordinator

Interview about the role of team coordinator

What does your role as team coordinator involve? 
"My role as team coordinator revolves around ensuring the efficient functioning of teamwork. This includes maintaining client agreements, promptly identifying and reporting issues, and communicating with our superiors. I ensure that the client is well-informed and maintain strong relationships among team members, clients, and other supporting teams within Cegeka. If conflicts arise between team members, with other teams, or with clients, it is my responsibility to calm the situation and maintain peace. I place great importance on a positive work environment and professional relationships, actively working to uphold these within our team." 

Why did you choose this role, and what motivates you in coordinating a team within AIM? 
"The experience I have gained over the past years as an engineer, I would like to share with our team, which mainly consists of young engineers. Additionally, I enjoy acting as a coordinator for a team with diverse cultural backgrounds, including Dutch, Belgian, and Romanian colleagues.

How do you ensure an effective team dynamic within AIM? 
"To achieve effective team dynamics within AIM, I strive for open and solution-oriented communication in my team. I encourage collaboration and engagement by fostering an open atmosphere where we can address each other's behavior, attitude, or communication, both internally and towards clients. Additionally, I value organizing activities outside of work hours, as this gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better in an informal setting." 

What are your career prospects as Team Coordinator? 
"I have started a team lead program. Over a period of 6 months, I will need to demonstrate that the agreed-upon goals for this program are achieved."

Why is the role of team lead a logical progression for you after being a team coordinator?
"As a team leader, I aim to create a positive work environment within our team to maintain and, where possible, improve colleague satisfaction. This contributes to the well-being of colleagues and reduces the risk of them leaving Cegeka. Achieving the goals set by management is a key priority. Additionally, I strive to pursue relevant training and courses, such as the "Situational Leadership" training, as part of our objectives."

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