Cyber Resilience Chain

Fabrice Wynants, Director Security & IAM Services 

Cyber threats - in our increasingly digital world, we cannot escape them anymore. That is why cybersecurity, in every form, is becoming more and more important. For our customers and for Cegeka itself. Fabrice Wynants has a solid track record in cyber security, with 22+ years of expertise in helping governments and enterprises solve their IT security challenges.

We are still looking for support within the different domains of the Cyber Resilience Chain to be able to cover the end-to-end security process

Fabrice Wynants, Director Security & IAM Services

Building “The Road to Cyber Resilience”

"When I came on board at Cegeka in the beginning of 2020, one of my tasks was to bring all activities in the field of security - and there were quite a few of them - under the same flag. What struck me then was how modest we were, and still are, when it comes to positioning ourselves in the market. That’s part of the Cegeka culture, which is very no-nonsense and pragmatic."

"Together with the team I developed a roadmap that enables companies to work as safely as possible, but more importantly to be able to recover quickly- in other words, to be resilient - if something goes wrong. Resilience is the sum of all security measures - assess, prevent, detect, respond, recover - with on top of that a business continuity or recoverability plan. All these put together result in a program that is constantly adjusting itself through continuous improvement."


What I consider to be one of Cegeka’s strongest points - and not only in the field of security - is that we have the capabilities of a corporate company, but still work in close collaboration with the customers and remain very accessible. This 'best of both worlds' combination makes us quite unique and allows us to be close to our customers in the field of security when it really matters. The so much needed Security Specialists are working on-site at our customers also within IT consultancy (named Cegeka Professional Services) .

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