Passion for technology

Joke Lybaert, Functional Analyst Professional Services

Meet Joke Lybaert, the non-IT professional who found her passion for technology by making a successful career switch and being retrained to become a Functional Analyst via Switchfully.
Since then, she has followed an impressive journey at Cegeka, where she uses her skills and knowledge as a Functional Analyst and Scrum Master for the Professional Services division. She is currently working on site at LeasePlan in Diegem, using her expertise to provide solutions for the customer.


Are you curious about Joke's story and her switch to IT? Then read the interesting Q&A below!

Without Switchfully, I would never have been able to do what I do at my current client. I therefore believe that this learning program is an absolute must for making a career switch!

Joke Lybaert, Functional Analyst

How did you end up at Switchfully?

"My father worked at Cegeka, so I was asked to participate in a sandbox a few years ago. That's how I got to know Cegeka. After a few conversations with HR, it was clear that Switchfully would give me the opportunity to gain knowledge about the role as an Analyst. As a result, I did not hesitate for a second to enter this track."

What profession did you practice before you decided to join Switchfully?

"I was working as a Regional Manager for Antwerp at an HR company. I was responsible for the growth of the region. I have built the region from one office with two employees to eight offices with thirty employees within two years time."

What motivated you to make the switch to IT?

"The last few months as Regional Manager, I was becoming a bit 'bored'. Despite having a very busy job, I was not challenged that much. The commercial challenge was no longer there, the teams were trained and social legislation had no longer any secrets for me. That's when I decided that after seven years in HR, it was time for something new."


How did your journey within Switchfully go?

"We received a one-month training in Brussels. In the morning, we deepdived into a theoretical framework. In the afternoon, we would put these concepts or methods into practice."


What skills did you learn at Switchfully that you are still using today?

"Difficult question! I think everything has contributed to making my current projects successful. This ranges from writing requirements, to facilitating a meeting, to prioritising the backlog."


Did this training influence your growth as a person?

"Yes, I entered in a very professional setting where the focus was on knowledge and continuous learning, and less on 'making hours'. In addition, you learn all kinds of new concepts, methods and ways of working in a very short time. A whole new world opens up where you can keep learning."


Are there certain moments or experiences from your training that particularly stick with you?

"The collaboration with the team and working on the case, the discussions about the requirements and working out the user stories."

What does your job look like now at Cegeka?

"I work at LeasePlan in Diegem as a Functional Analyst/ Scrum Master. I first worked on an in-house project where we digitized the order form. Now, I mainly work as a Scrum Master/ Project Officer on different projects where I am responsible for problem solving, planning and priorities. I am also responsible for all developments in My LeasePlan."

Could you outline a day in your current job?

"I have a daily stand-up with one or more projects. I also have several meetings around planning, discussing user stories, and so on.

Furthermore, I am responsible for brainstorm sessions with the business, writing user stories, the proxy check of my user stories, and following up on releases. I also provide training for the business and follow up on bugs."

When do you consider working day successful?

"A working day can be successful in different ways. When I am asked to look critically at certain things. When I am given responsibility to bring projects to a successful conclusion. When we can do a successful release."

Why would you recommend Switchfully and Cegeka to friends, family and acquaintances?

"Without Switchfully, I would never have been able to do what I do at my current customer. I therefore believe that this learning program, provided by Cegeka, is an absolute must for making a career switch!


Cegeka is a company that pays a lot of attention to the development and deployment of its employees. You are evolving and you keep your knowledge future-proof. Last summer, for instance, I was given the opportunity to follow a certified training course to become a Scrum Master.


In addition, I can count on the support of a people manager, I enjoy going to guild meetings and there are many cool and spectacular parties and activities at Cegeka!"

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