Passion for Azure

Linford Akwei, Cloud Data Engineer

Linford graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science, specializing in Business Intelligence, and a Master's degree in Commercial Science. Because of his passion for Azure, data, reporting and analysis, he chose to follow a training program at Cegeka to become a Cloud Data Engineer.

Becoming a Specialist in Cloud & Data

"I work for Cegeka's Data Intelligence team, which specializes in setting up Data Platforms in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Think about the following Cloud Services: Databricks, Data Factory, Data Lake, Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, Blob Storage, Devops,..."

"The Cloud Competence Center provides a training path in which you search together for the ideal programme so that you can become specialized in Cloud Data Engineering. Depending on your background, Cegeka provides an initial training course of two to four weeks, after which you can join our experienced Data Engineers for one to two months. During the implementation of the projects I can count on the support of a senior cloud data engineer."

"Innovation and knowledge sharing are high on the agenda in our business line. We are always looking for renewal and improvement at our customers and we are actively involved in challenging innovative projects. I have plenty of opportunities to actively participate and grow in this. I would like to become a Cloud Data Engineer specialist."

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