Setting the course for Cegeka

Adrien Springer, Lead Product Manager

Adrien works as Lead Product Manager for Cegeka. He helps shape the Cloud portfolio by marketing value propositions that are relevant to our customers. "The challenge to always keep up with the latest trends both on a technological level, as well as on organization and processes and even around international legislation makes my job extremely versatile".

In the morning alligning with the Finance controller, having lunch with sales colleagues in the afternoon and finishing a presentation to convince management to make an investment..... variety enough in my job!

Cloud value propositions that matter

What exactly does your position at Cegeka entail and where exactly is it situated?
"As Product Manager, I help think about the future of the Cloud portfolio within Cegeka. From strategy to execution, we put value propositions on the market that are relevant for our customers. This, in collaboration with the many technical and commercial experts within the company. We also look across company departments and make the link with colleagues from Security, Networking & Workplace services as well as colleagues active in Data & Application services."

What projects are you working on?
"The Cloud value propositions range from classic data center services (Server, Storage, Backup, ...) to the more recent services around e.g. Public Cloud or DevSecOps. Within these, we always look at how we can create value for our customers by starting from a service rather than the technology itself."

Cegeka considers continuous learning very important, how do you experience this in your job?

"The challenging part of the job is that we always have to keep up with the latest trends both technologically (Containerization, Infrastructure as code, Gaia-x) and in everything organizational and process (Agile, DevSecOps) and even around international legislation (Cloud Act, Schrems II, Dora). This makes it enormously fascinating and versatile."

How do you see your further career development within Cegeka, what are possible next steps?
"The role of Product Manager can be filled in broadly and so can the next steps. Both towards a more commercial role, as account manager for example, or a more expert role as presales architect or customer Technology Advisor. In addition, a vertical step towards management positions may also be a possibility if that lies within the ambitions."

Can you sketch 'a day in the life' of your position?

"A day as a Product Manager will depend on where one is in the development of a new value proposition. In the morning align with the Finance controller to get the business case around, about noon lunch with sales colleagues to check off customer expectations and in the afternoon finish a presentation to convince management to make the investment effectively."

What are important skills to have for this role? And what attitude?

"Ownership, collaboration and entrepreneurship are important values within the company but also as a Product Manager. You are responsible for your domain, determine the direction Cegeka should take and involve the colleagues needed to make it happen."

What are Cegeka's USPs for you, why do you like working here?

"Cegeka is a company with European growth ambitions and a positive dynamic. As a true technology company, clients can come to us with challenges around cloud, application, data & AI as well as 5G and more. The challenges in the market are huge but I am convinced Cegeka is ready to face them."

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