Software Testing

Software plays a pivotal role in reshaping our world, and it’s no wonder that the quality of this software profoundly impacts our daily lives and the advantages we gain from it. Our mission is to guarantee that customers seamlessly enjoy the full potential benefits and value of software, free from any interruptions.


Let’s elevate software quality together

Our independent Quality Engineering (QE) approach includes various testing services focused on functionality, reliability, performance, security, and usability. With over 20 years of experience, we’re shaping cutting-edge software testing approaches for our clients. Join our team and help us to improve software quality!

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With a global team of over 260 professionals, your role will be pivotal in assisting our customers enhance their software quality. This involves focusing on test setup, methodology, execution, as well as test automation, performance testing, and security from both functional and technical perspectives. Essentially, we aim for you to become the primary quality advisor for our customers.


In addition to improving software quality for our customers, you will also be responsible for staying updated on new market standards and advancements in the software testing industry. This won't be a solitary effort; we foster a comprehensive ecosystem of continuous learning through knowledge-sharing meetings, sandbox sessions, exploration days, reading groups, and training programs.


Lastly, you will have a dedicated people manager who will support your career development, ensuring your work aligns with your abilities and ambitions.

First impressions matter; for software, that window is just 1-5 seconds.Help us in preventing companies from releasing buggy software that doesn't meet end-users' expectations.

Joris Vertommen, Operations Manager Applications

What should you expect?

  • Collaborating with motivated and skilled colleagues in a company with over two decades of experience in software testing.
  • Engaging with customers across various sectors, sizes, and maturity levels, providing opportunities to expand and refine your skills and make a significant impact.
  • Numerous chances for personal development through courses, training, and challenging assignments that encourage growth.
  • Becoming part of a passionate and dynamic team known for its enjoyable and supportive work environment.