From problem analysis to process improvement

Darren Siriram, System Engineer Application & Integration Management

Darren Siriram, a dedicated System Engineer, shares his role in the technical management of applications, where he analyzes and resolves technical issues, and is involved in projects focused on automation and enhancing business processes. His passion stems from the tangible improvements he achieves for clients. 

As a System Engineer, I am passionate about my work because I see how my efforts directly contribute to valuable improvements for our clients.

Darren Siriram, System Engineer Application & Integration Management

In conversation with Darren

Can you provide a brief description of your role as a System Engineer within AIM? 

"As a System Engineer, I play a crucial role in the technical management of applications. My responsibilities include analyzing technical issues, such as when there is consistently high demand for CPU power. It is my task to conduct in-depth investigations to identify and resolve the root causes of such problems. On the other hand, I am also involved in exciting projects, where I have the opportunity to automate tasks and improve business processes." 


What makes your role interesting for you? 

"I am passionate about my role as a System Engineer because I derive satisfaction from the fact that my hard work is genuinely reflected in improvements for our clients. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the benefits to the client after implementing an enhancement."

What challenges and highlights have you experienced in your career? 

"Valuable advice for anyone aspiring to become a System Engineer is to develop a strong analytical ability. The ability to thoroughly analyze and understand complex technical problems is essential in this role." 


As a System Engineer, you will frequently encounter technical challenges and disruptions. A sharp analytical ability enables you to quickly identify the cause of problems and develop effective solutions. Analyzing systems and processes is also crucial for identifying optimization opportunities. By understanding how systems work, you can make them more efficient and improve performance." 


What advice do you give to aspiring System Engineers? 

"In short and powerful terms: stay driven and curious." 


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