Driven by DevOps

Tim Vandevoort, Linux DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer Linux, Tim helps automate our infrastructure and that of our customers. He graduated in 2002 as Bachelor of Applied Computer Sciences and has been working for Cegeka for more than 13 years.

Cegeka is a growth company with plenty of opportunities for career advancement.”

Tim Vandevoort, Linux DevOps Engineer

Continuous growth

"I started out as a Unix Support Engineer, then I was given the opportunity to be promoted to Unix System Engineer and for the last four years I have occupied a position as Linux DevOps Engineer at Cegeka. I feel at home in Cegeka's result-oriented, no-nonsense environment. Cegeka is a growth company with numerous opportunities for advancement."

“As a Linux DevOps engineer, I am one of the people responsible for setting up and maintaining Kubernetes container platforms based on Red Hat OpenShift and its Open Source variant OKD. I set up and maintain Red Hat Linux servers and install the necessary applications in the process.
Servers are set up fully automated via Jenkins, Ansible and Terraform. Configuration management is done through our Puppet-based framework. System patching is automatically driven via Ansible."

"I design and maintain Jenkins pipelines for Continuous Integration and Puppet code for automated deployments. I integrate automated testing into the Continuous Delivery process and provide 3rd line support for incidents at the end-users of our clients so that interruptions of their operations are prevented or minimized."


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