Excellent Customer Service

Tom Vandenberk, IT Storage Architect

It is no longer appropriate for a large company to manage its own IT. Tom takes that off your hands with all the pleasure. And that involves a lot of aspects, for the customer as well as for the engineers and Tom is the connecting factor. He and his team ensure that the customer can make the right technical choices, so that the IT architecture remains solid.

The question behind the question

"It is always an exciting challenge to find out where the exact question of the customer lies. If the customer has a question, I first ask myself: 'Is this really what the customer wants and needs?', 'Or is there another question behind the question?' Sometimes adjustments are needed in certain techniques so I have to determine what that means for the customer’s perspective. And whether that is the right step in the direction a client wants to go. That ensures that I don't just deliver something, but that I go the extra mile."

"At Cegeka, I am one of the lead architects for the storage team. I started at Cegeka about 8 years ago as a systems engineer and was promoted to architect a few years ago. What makes my role so important is that I am the first filter between the customer and engineers. I am the translator of the customer's wishes into the technology and vice versa. Therefore, I also think it is important to maintain good customer relations, both formal and informal."

"We have a very dynamic and diverse enterprise storage landscape with systems from all the well-known suppliers. We provide services to customers from all kinds of industries such as finance, aerospace, etc. Most environments run in our own tier3 data centers in Belgium and the Netherlands and we are also developing our own storage automation framework. Cegeka is a great employer to work for - it is a fast growing company with a no-nonsense mentality, a lot of attention to personal development and coaching and there is we also have a lot of fun."

Cegeka became a structural partner of the Flemish Government in mid 2021. The Flemish Government’s ambition is to become one of the most digitalized regions in Europe. Facilitating optimal interaction with citizens, employees, other authorities and between different entities is one of the main priorities.
The Flemish Government chose Cegeka as a strategic partner in order to achieve this objective. We are looking for architects who would like to work with us in this project. Read more about the project for the Flemish Government. 

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