"By being almost one with our clients, the AIM team does something unique in the market."

Jan Simons, Design Authority Application & Integration Management

The AIM team at Cegeka provides complete technical application and integration management for the entire application landscape of clients. "We work so closely with our clients that we almost become one with them and think very broadly alongside them. As a result, we do something truly unique in the market," says Jan Simons. Curious about how this works exactly? Jan will take you through it.

Interview about the role as Design Authority

Can you provide a brief description of your role as Design Authority?

"As Design Authority within the Application & Integration Management (AIM) team, I am responsible for ensuring the quality of the services we offer to our clients. This involves overseeing the technical architecture, ensuring compliance with best practices, and ensuring the development of all our services aligns with the long-term vision. My role requires not only a deep understanding of the technical aspects but also a commercial vision. Developing the pricing of our services, providing input in presales processes, and giving sales pitches to clients are part of the role." 


What makes this role attractive for you? 

"What makes this role particularly attractive to me is the combination of technical depth and strategic impact. As Design Authority, I am in the unique position to influence both the technological direction and play a key role in shaping the future of the team. My passion for technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence in design and execution, and the commercial perspective fuel my enthusiasm for this role." 

How would you describe the collaboration within the AIM team? 

"We are a young and dynamic team where I see a lot of willingness to help and support each other. This is not only within the team but also towards other Cegeka teams and clients. For clients, we are often seen as the gateway to Cegeka because from AIM, we try to be the 'glue' between all Cegeka teams!" 


For those considering a career as a Design Authority, what advice would you share with them? 

"For those considering a career as a Design Authority, I would advise building a solid foundation of technical knowledge. It is crucial not only to be an expert in technology but also to have the ability to translate this knowledge into strategic business decisions. Experience with complex projects, leading technical teams from an engineering role, and knowledge of various IT concepts or terms are highly valuable. Always remain curious and open to new technologies and methodologies, and the rest will follow naturally!" 

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