From teacher to AIM Engineer

Merel Boersma, Application & Integration Management Engineer

Merel Boersma made a career switch from the field of education into IT, finding her place as an Application & Integration Management Engineer at Cegeka. Explore how Merel, in a field where women are underrepresented, navigated her path and made a valuable contribution to bridging the gap between clients and teams at Cegeka.

I believe that due to the mindset that technical roles are predominantly for men, we miss out on a lot of untapped talent.

Merel Boersma, AIM Engineer

Interview on Merel's career switch

Can you provide a brief description of your role as an AIM Engineer?

"As an AIM Engineer, my role revolves around versatility. While delving into technical aspects like server maintenance and troubleshooting, a significant focus is placed on effective communication. Acting as the vital link between customers and various teams at Cegeka, our goal is to ensure seamless operations and a harmonious collaboration."

What makes your role so interesting for you?

"My work as an AIM Engineer is fantastic for several reasons. Collaborating with inspiring colleagues in our dynamic and diverse team is a priority. Problem-solving and the balance between independent work and teamwork make my day engaging. The varied tasks provide me with new and interesting challenges daily."

In the context of promoting more women in IT, can you share your experience in this sector?

"The notion that technical roles are primarily for men makes many women hesitant in this sector. However, I think differently. I believe that due to this mindset, we miss out on a lot of untapped talent. Moreover, my experience as a woman in IT doesn't differ much from that of my male colleagues; for example, I don't notice unequal treatment."

Can you tell us more about your switch to the IT from the field of education?

"My journey to Cegeka began with a traineeship, leading me to embrace the role of an AIM Engineer—a substantial departure from my previous career as a teacher. The transition was prompted by a desire for greater professional fulfillment and a longing for adult collaboration. At Cegeka, I encountered the gratifying challenges I sought, recognizing the enduring relevance of skills from my teaching background, including effective communication, empathy, and the ability to explain complex concepts."

For those considering to start their career as a Support Engineer, what would be your advice to them?

"Are you looking to kickstart your career as an AIM engineer? Important skills include effective communication, dedication, and enthusiasm. Taking initiative, such as proposing improvements in customer processes, is highly valued in our team. Additionally, it's beneficial to prepare for dealing with various operating systems, as we operate on both Linux and Windows Server. Don't forget about technical skills, such as proficiency in PowerShell and SQL, as they also play a significant role in the skill set required for this role as an AIM Engineer."

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